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Ideas for work from home moms.

Unless you have more than enough cash and investments, being a single mother allows you no choice but to earn an income to support your single parent household. But sometimes, you may have a problem getting a job if you have been unemployed for quite a while because you were a stay at home mom, was never employed before or have insufficient skill or experience.

If you are already employed, you may find it unsatisfying or inconvenient. Some of the possible reasons are things like having to juggle so many things on your own, not getting much from your full time job, having to spend long hours away from your kids and finding it difficult to balance work and family.

One of the best options available is to become one of the many work from home moms, doing business offline or online or getting paid for jobs done at home. Being a WAHM or work at home mom will be your chance to be home with your kids and at the same time earning a living.

How to Get Started

Before you decide to become a work at home mom, you have to sit down and think about it. You need to have enough money for living expenses and to back you up for at least six months before you can see the profits or income coming in because it takes time to establish your new business.

One of the best ways is to do something based on your previous work experience or career. You will also need to look at your strengths, skills and experiences. Look at what you are passionate about, are good at, have sufficient knowledge or willing to learn. If you love what you are doing, you will tend to work hard at it and persist in spite of challenges and setbacks.

After you have brainstormed, look around for ideas and the requirements for the business or job that you have in mind. Some work from home moms business require license.

Watch what other work from home moms are doing and how they are doing it. The internet is a good place to search and find opportunities. You will find many work at home mom blogs and sites to stimulate your mind.

If you have been unemployed, you may have to find some sort of secure income first. One of the ways to do this is to look for a company who are willing to outsource and hire people to work at home. You could also join a telecommunication company that allows you to go to the office for a few days and spend the rest of the week working from home. You will then still earn an income and have the time to try other methods of earning an income from home.

Business Opportunities for Work from Home Moms

Here's a list of ideas for work from home moms. Or you may want to watch this video before you proceed

Child Care Center

If you love children, have a certificate in child care, are experienced in taking care of kids and have some cash for start up, this might be a business that you may way to start. If you are passionate about it, but don't have the paper qualification, you can attend classes and obtain the certificate.

You do need some money to buy tables and chairs, toys and games, art and craft supplies, music CDs and some other essentials for children's activities. You need a license and be prepared to have your home inspected.

Having a good network with parents, communities and friends is a great advantage to promote your business and get clients. This business requires some level of trust because parents are going to leave their kids in your hands.

Direct Sales

Many work from home moms are into direct selling. The startup cost is low. The important qualification is to have good communication and people skills. Being a user or knowledgeable about the product you are selling is an added advantage because what you will be doing is sharing your experience.

You can organize parties and demonstrations to sell your products from your home. So if you have had experience in the sales line and enjoyed it, this is a better option because you are self-employed. You determine your target and goals. The income you earn is based on the efforts you put in.

Sewing Business

This business requires sewing skills. Work from home moms who enter the sewing business usually choose a specialized area such as sewing bridal gowns, home decorations like curtains and slip covers, children clothes and so on. Some focus on altering and repairing only while some others do a variety of sewing jobs.

A good and new sewing machine is a must have. Good networking is also an advantage.

Gift Basket Business

Other than being passionate about making gift baskets, you need to be creative. If you are serious about the gift basket business, you should apply for a license to run this business. When you have a license, you can go further than just selling your gift baskets to neighbors and friends. You can advertise and market your products to companies and online on your blog or website or at EBay or Yahoo store.

Manicure and Pedicure Business

You can set up a manicure and pedicure business from home. If you have a certificate, you become more credible. You do need to have the tools to run such as nail polish, nail colors, manicure tools and so on to operate this business.

One of the ways to get more clients is to become a traveling manicurist. Instead of operating from home, you go to your clients' home to offer your service. Although this means you are not operating from home, you are still self-employed.

Starting an Online Store

An online store is where you sell things online. The goods are either those that you made yourself like candles and gift baskets, items that you purchased and resell or sell things that you have the rights to resell.

Examples of online stores are Yahoo store and eBay. You do need to pay a monthly rate when using Yahoo store but all you need to do with eBay is register. eBay will take a small percentage from your sales.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant

It's becoming a trend for individuals and companies to outsource their work to virtual assistants. There are so many opportunities. People are looking for writers, web designers, someone to do their data management and even answer their emails.

When you become a virtual assistant, you can either charge by the hour or based on a project. Before you start, you will have to agree with your virtual client on this plus the expectations and time frame.

Becoming a Writer

Writing for the web is different from writing fiction or short stories or novels. You can either become a freelance writer and sell your writings online to PLR websites or get paid to become a guest writer.

Or you can start your own website or blog and write about what you know, are passionate about or have the experience.

Sell Other People's Products Online

You can start an online business without having your own products. You sell other people's products. And the beauty of it is that you don't have to keep any stock or worry about delivery, customer service and so on. It's called affiliate marketing. And one of the most successful affiliate marketeers is Rosalind Gardner.

There are many other opportunities for work from home moms like pet sitting, writing reviews on products, joining a virtual call center, baby sitting and so on. What you need to do is determine your goal, what you want to do, get as much information as you can and do it.

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