Women Mountain Biking

Women mountain biking is an excellent way to either get or stay in shape and is a great deal of fun. Whether you are brand new to mountain biking or if you have been at it for awhile now, here are some mountain biking tips that you might find helpful.

Mountain biking is great for physical fitness. While riding a mountain bike works really well at both burning lots of calories and toning the entire body, it is especially effective at toning the hamstring and gluteus muscles.

In order to make sure that you are safe while mountain biking, there are some general safety precautions to abide by.

First of all, if at all possible, it is best to invite someone that you know well to go mountain biking with you. The reason for this is that if you do women mountain biking by yourself, it is much more likely that someone might try to abduct you and then do further harm to you. However, if you have someone with you, that alone is often enough to deter a potential attacker.

If for some reason, it's just not possible to have someone accompany you during your mountain biking exercise, then at least try your best to choose popular trails that a lot of people tend to go on rather than ones that are in more isolated, deserted areas. That way, if you should run in to any type of trouble, all you have to do is holler for help to one of the other mountain bikers.

You should also be sure to keep a cell phone on you so that you also have the option to easily call for help should you find yourself in any type of emergency situation during your mountain biking trips.

Also, it is absolutely imperative to wear a helmet in order to help protect yourself. Wearing a helmet while doing mountain biking can help save your life in the event of a bad fall off of your bike. The helmet will prevent you from getting a severe head injury. You should also try to be aware of your speed and make sure that you're not going too fast. The reason for this is that if you're going extremely fast, this will make it much harder to slow down or stop suddenly should another biker or other obstacle cross your path.

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