Why Women Stay Single

Have you wondered and look for the reasons why women stay single longer compared to what it used to be? Why are more women not wanting to be married anymore? Why do more people prefer to live the single life? Is it because being single is good?

Top Reasons Why Women Remain Single

Career driven

"I have not put off relationships but my career comes before love. If marriage doesn't happen, so be it." - Rachel, 38 an IT manager

One of the main reasons why women stay single is because women today are more driven to get the next promotion, become financially secure and to enjoy the fruits of their education and hard work. Marriage is way down in their list of goals to achieve.

Becoming financially secure.

Because of education and exposure, women are becoming financially literate. They have learned to put their money on high yield investments and manage their finances. Many never married women are proud house owners and live a comfortable lifestyle. There is no longer a need to marry for financial security.


"I am 50 and never married. I never wanted to. I have a satisfying job, my own apartment, and I enjoy my living space. I have a circle of friends and I meet my nuclear family often. I dine, travel, shop and jog alone but I don't feel odd. My hobbies like reading, writing and practicing yoga keep me energized. I don't want my life any other way" - Angela, a bachelorette, 50

Women have learned to create their own safe havens. They know how to feel good about themselves and manage their lives without the presence of men. They love the autonomy, of not being controlled and told what to do, when and how to do things. Not having to answer for their actions and decisions is bliss.

Sexual and reproductive freedom.

Freedom of sex outside marriage has resulted in women putting matrimony aside. Reproductive freedom is another reason why women stay single. Thanks to artificial insemination, invitro fertilization, sperm donors and easier adoption rules, women can now have kids without getting married.

Less pressure.

Singlehood, or the state of being unmarried, is acceptable in most societies now compared to a decade or two ago. Parents are also giving less pressure especially if they have gone through unhappy marriages and painful divorces. Older single women who once were labeled as weird or crazy are now recognized and independent and assertive bachelorettes.

Emotionally stable.

Living alone in an uncluttered single lifestyle and enjoying the solitude as well as having healthy interpersonal relations contribute to emotional stability. Single women who have learned to enjoy their alone time don't feel lonely or bored.

Being selective.

"I sometimes wonder what are my chances of getting married now that I am 41. One of my fears is that I would end up alone at the end of my life. But, at the same time, I'm not willing to compromise and change my ways. I wanted to try cohabitation but I can't imagine myself living with one person, what else for the rest of my life. Anyway, the single men I've dated have excess baggage and are a big annoyance. So, until I find Mr. Right, I'll enjoy my freedom." - Janice, 41

Most women prefer to have relationships with men or women who are free from emotional and financial baggage. The single men should have stable jobs, pleasing personalities and are not dependent on them for financial and emotional support. And many women would rather remain single than having to fit into a "mate's mould."

Prefer alternative relationship.

Women who love other women are not necessarily anti men. They just prefer partners of the same gender. Same sex marriage is prohibited in most states and countries so these lesbian singles will have no alternative but to remain unmarried. This also contributes to why women stay single.


Quite a number of women choose not to have intimate relationships because they have witnessed their parents' unhappiness and troubled marriage and later painful divorces. They fear getting emotionally attached to a mate. Their fears include fear of intimacy, divorce, marriage and fear of commitment.

Physical appearance.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But physical appearance counts when it comes to dating, courting and romance. Some women find themselves alone and unattractive. They are not ugly. One of the main reasons for their solo life and driving away their chances of attracting men is because they have neglected to take care of themselves. They have weight issues and some are obese, unhealthy and have low self esteem.

Taking care of sick or aging parents.

You must have heard of Susan Boyle, one of the contestants of Britain Got Talent. She is one of the examples on why women stay single. Her life was being totally immersed in taking care of her sick and single parent.

Disabled women.

Disabled women may find it challenging to find a partner. This is because most single men are looking for great looking and "able" women. These women also have limited mobility and thus lesser chances of unplanned encounters with potential partners.

No desire for marriage.

One of the reasons why women stay single is because they have no desire for marriage. There are women who find meaning in life only through their faith and religion. And there are some individuals who have experienced traumatic childhood like rape or sexual abuse and have closed themselves off from intimacy and marriage.

Share Your Single Life Experiences

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What do you do to keep yourself busy or occupied?

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