Why Men Leave Relationships

Have you been wondering why men leave relationships? Why do men come on strong and then disappear. We are not talking about married couples here, but dating and courting couples.

If you have been facing this problem where you've dated guys a few times and then they stopped calling or told you that they weren't ready, perhaps you may have to do a little soul searching.

Could it be that you have been acting like a desperate single woman? Did you show signs that you were in a hurry to get to know his family or to start your own, talking about kids and what it's like to become a mother? Did you try to get familiar with him too early, planning things that you both should do and suggesting things for him?

One of the reasons why men leave in the early stages of relationships is because they feel that they are getting trapped into a commitment. Ending up in bed doesn't mean they have marriage or a relationship in mind. The minute they feel that you are too clingy or needy and that they have to act like married men, they'll withdraw.

The other possible reason why men dump women is because there isn't any challenge. When women become too easy and fall onto their laps without much effort, they lose interest fast. This is especially so if the women are so into them, swooning at them in their presence and pinning for them in their absence.

Trying too hard to impress in the way you dress or communicate is another possibility. He might give you the benefit of the doubt on the first date. But after the second, he could already judge your personality and guess what you are trying to accomplish.

The way you dress may also contribute to the reason why men leave. Many men like to see and be seen with women who make up, dress up and look good when they date, even if they are sloppy. Men like to show off and they don't want to be seen with women who don't seem to care with the way they look.

It is okay if you've done some of the mistakes mentioned above or any others not stated here. Learn from your mistakes and don't repeat them. The next time you meet a guy, remember that men are conditioned to expect lack of interest and disdain from women. Let him pursue you because he actually likes it. And don't come on too strong either in the way you dress or speak.

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