Why do People Lie

Why do people lie when they are dating or are already in intimate relationships? Why do people tell untruths on their online dating profiles? How do you deal with it when you find the truth? And what if your date or partner is a compulsive liar?

"Why do men lie?" Many women ask this question. The truth is everyone does and some people do it on a daily basis. Parents lie to their children and vice versa, dating couples fabricate stories or give false information about their past relationships, and even doctors lie to their patients.

So why do people lie, give false statement and try to mislead or deceive someone?

Some of them justify their falsehood as "white lies." They misinform to protect the other person's feelings as some people believe that the truth will hurt. Some do it to avoid confrontations, arguments or being probed and to defend themselves. And there are people who are habitual or compulsive liars.

Those who lie on their online dating profiles have a deliberate intention to mislead and delude. They lie about many things like their age, physique, relationship status and even their gender to attract a date. Internet dating and romance scammers are the masters of deceit when it comes to this.

Is there a way to spot a liar?

Unless you are an expert in reading body language and eye accessing cues, it's difficult to tell if someone is lying especially if the relationship is in the early stages of dating. But one of the things that you can do is to be aware and alert. Notice inconsistencies and some simple nonverbal communication and gestures like his stance, whether he fidgets and falter when he talks. But it's quite hard to detect it if he is a "player" or a good conversationalist. Sometimes you'll only find out the truth after the fourth or fifth date and when you've already started to like him a lot.

When it comes to online dating, you can read the articles on online dating safety and internet dating scams by clicking on the links to get some ideas and telltale signs of lying.

If you are dealing with a pathological liar, there is nothing much you can do to change him. The compulsive liar has to admit that he has a problem and must be willing to get help to change his habit. If it is against your personal values to have a liar as a boyfriend or if it is affecting your relationship and your life, you might have to make a decision on whether to live with it or make a move.

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