Why do People Get Married

Why do people get married especially now that there's a fifty percent chance of ending in divorce? Why do some people marry more than once, some even up to four times or more, in a lifetime? Why marry if you can have sexual and reproductive freedom? So what's the purpose of marriage?

Marriage isn't outdated. There are many reasons why people choose marriage instead of living together or staying single. In certain cultures and religion, cohabitation is unlawful. In a strict Muslim country, even dating is prohibited. In some countries, women are expected to get married by a certain age and their parents arrange their life partners.


So here are the other reasons why people get married.

  1. In love and wants to spend the rest of their lives together.

  2. Looking for safety or security.

  3. Unplanned pregnancy.

  4. Ready for marital monogamy.

  5. Raging hormones.

  6. Found a soul mate.

  7. Believe that marriage is a sacred institution.

  8. Ready to raise a family.

  9. Want to have legitimate children.

  10. Companionship.

  11. Fear of being alone or living alone.

  12. It's an ultimate life goal.

  13. Fear of never getting married if the chance is passed.

  14. Giving it a try.

  15. Escape from living with controlling parents.

  16. To migrate to another country.

  17. Social status.

  18. For money.

  19. Insistence and pressure

There's no wrong or right. It's a personal choice and everyone has her own good reason to marry. If you'd rather not and are happy being single, then it's your choice.

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