Why Adopt a Pet?

Why adopt a pet? One of the ways single women can have company at home is to adopt a pet. Adopting a dog or a cat is a good decision. But if you are allergic to them, you can choose other type of animal for adoption like a bird, a horse or maybe a reptile.

Before thinking of pet adoption, ask yourself a few questions. Why adopt a pet? Do you really like animals? What type of animal would suit your lifestyle? Can you afford to maintain your pet? Does your landlord allow you to keep a pet? Is your living condition conducive for a pet? How often are you away from home? Do you know how to care of your pet or are you willing to learn? Are you willing to train your pet?


If you can't have a dog or a cat as a pet because of your living condition or restrictions, you can choose a ferret, chinchilla, hamster or other small and furry animals. They too make a good company, are cheaper to maintain and takes up a small space. Betta fish are nice to look at but they don't make good company. If you like birds, parakeet is a good choice. You can teach them to talk but they can be noisy too.

Buy or Adopt a Pet

It depends on how you look at it. One of the major benefits of adopting a pet is that you are saving the life of an animal. This should make you feel proud of yourself for having a big heart and giving the animal a home, love, care and attention that it deserved. There are so many dogs and cats that were abandoned, abused and neglected and ended up in animal rescue center or animal shelters. They are waiting for someone to adopt them or else they would be euthanized or put to sleep.

Some people choose to buy a pet from a breeder or a pet shop because they want a purebred, their adoption applications were rejected or they don't want to go through the hassle of filling in the form or being questioned. There are animal shelters that ask questions and request to make home visits. This is because they want the adopted dogs or cats to have a good home and responsible owners.

It's also cheaper to adopt a pet compared to buying one. You do have to pay a small amount when you adopt to cover for the cost of neutering, de-worming and so on.

Adopt a Dog or a Cat

Dogs and cats are very suitable for single women living alone. Dogs make good companions and they are loyal, friendly and protective. They make you feel safe and secure. You need to take them for walks and this is actually good for you too because it allows you to have some physical exercise.

A puppy is easier to train and many people prefer puppies to grown dogs. But if you don't have the time, the patience and knowledge, or the money to send for obedience training, adopt a pet dog. Furthermore, senior and adult dogs need a home and love too. This goes the same with adult cats.

Dogs need a lot of attention and will feel lonely if they are left alone for a long time. If you work long hours or are away from home a lot, get a cat instead. One of the advantages of having a cat compared to a dog is that you don't have to walk your cat. And they don't require much attention. You can leave them alone with their food, water and clean litter box and they are contented.

So before deciding to adopt a pet, go back to the questions stated above. You can search for the right type of pet, where to find an animal shelter near you and learn more about pet adoption at petfinder. If you already have a pet and are looking for a date who also adores animal, you can go to any of the pet lovers dating sites, forums and chat rooms.

I hope I answered your question : Why adopt a pet? Now, go for it a and save life!

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