Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable gardening is a relaxing recreational activity. You will enjoy the fruits of your labor, save cost on buying vegetables and eat fresh and healthy.

You can use your backyard or front lawn. But of course you have to look at the amount of time you have before you decide on what type of plants you want to grow. The other thing to look at is the planting time for garden vegetables because some are seasonal.

Growing vegetables is easier to handle than maintaining some flowering plants like roses. But if you are living in an apartment, you might have to grow your vegetables or herbs using containers.

Vegetable Planting Tips.

  1. First of all decide which vegetables you want to grow in your garden or container? If you are a beginner, growing peas, carrots, cucumbers, and beans are the easiest. But vegetables like peas, beans and tomatoes require support. An herb garden is easy to manage and peppers grow well in large pots.

  2. Most vegetables require lots of sunshine while some can grow indoors or without direct sunlight. Some veggies grow slowly from the seedling stage. So decide what suits you best.

  3. Clay is one of the types of soil that's difficult for plants to grow. Choose artificial soil that is composed mostly of manure, peat moss and topsoil so that it will not compact and turns hard under regular watering. If this happens, the plant roots will stop growing.

  4. Ensure that your plants receive enough watering and some liquid plant nutrients. When watering your containers, soak the soil all the way to the bottom.

  5. Watch out for pest and bugs during flowering. If you are into organic vegetables, avoid using pesticide. You can use the vegetable matter itself or shredded and fallen leaves as fertilizer.

  6. If you are doing your vegetable gardening at your backyard, fence it up to avoid wandering animals from destroying your plants.

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