Vacation Safety Tips

If you like the idea of taking a vacation alone, go through these vacation safety tips. Women especially those who are traveling alone, are sometimes targeted by unscrupulous people. So think of your holiday and travel safety to make your experience a memorable one.

Vacation safety tips No. 1 - Make sure you can be reached and contacted.

Before you leave for your solo travel, ensure that your family members or close friends can reach and contact you. You should let them know where you are going and how long you'll be away for your holiday. Leave your telephone number and email address. Activate your cell phone for global roaming and as an additional precaution just in case there is no connection, get an international direct dialing or an IDD card.

Inform them when to expect your calls and how often you would call and make sure you do call at the prearranged time to avoid them from feeling worried and concerned. If ever there is unrest, natural disaster, a major accident or a terrorist attack in the country you are staying in, contact your next of kin immediately to inform of your situation, It's recommended that you register with your government's website and provide your details when you arrive at your destination.

Leave a copy of your itinerary. Make two photocopies of your personal and travel documents and leave a set with your family members as a back up just in case you need to replace lost or stolen original documents.

Vacation safety tips No. 2 - Protect your luggage and avoid being a victim.

Lock your luggage to avoid from theft or being tempered. Don't leave your bags unattended to prevent people from making a switch for whatever reasons. And do not carry anything in and out of the country you are visiting for someone else.

Vacation safety tips No. 3 - Keep your passport and other valuables in a safe place.

Separate your passport from your identification cards, money and credit cards. If ever you lose your purse, your passport is still in your possession. Try to use a money belt to keep your cash. Don't flaunt your valuables and jewelry. People might think that you are a rich and wealthy single women traveling alone and you'll become a target for snatch thieves or other opportunists. Keep your jewelry in a safe at the hotel.

If your passport or travel documents are stolen or lost, go to the nearest police station with the photocopies of your documents and make a report immediately. After that bring along your police report and make another one at your country's embassy, consulate or high commission.

Vacation safety tips No. 4 - Stay in a hotel which is safe.

Stay in a hotel where there is lots of traffic and easy public transportation available. Look for a room where you can secure the doors and windows.

Vacation safety tips No. 5 - Be careful of strangers and new acquaintances.

Never give your room number or personal details to anyone you hardly know or just met. Reject free drinks or food offers from them or any kind of invitation. And don't leave your food and drink unattended. There is a possibility that someone will spike your drink or food.

Walk on the safe side.

Since you are traveling solo and most likely feeling adventurous, you must take extra precaution and be aware and alert of your surroundings at all times. When you are in a crowded place be extra careful of pick pockets. Don't wander into dangerous situation or do things that might put you into trouble. Walk along well trafficked streets and avoid deserted ones. Don't wander around late at night. And dress appropriately according to the culture of the country you are visiting.

Before leaving your hotel room, let the front desk know where you are heading and what time you are expected back.

Take care of your health and personal hygiene.

Before you travel, you should have brought along a list of English speaking doctors so that you can get the proper treatment that you deserve if you need one. When you are in a foreign land, take care of your personal hygiene and health. Try to drink only bottled water and food that you trust are cleaned and freshly cooked. Wash your hands regularly and stay away from polluted places.

Use your common sense.

Use your common sense as much as you can. Think about what you should or shouldn't do like hitchhiking. One of the things that you should consider is travelling light. You are alone and there isn't anyone to help you out with your luggage.

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