Used Car Buying Tips

Used car buying tips, advice and guide. What are the questions to ask when buying a used car?

When you are buying a used car there is some used car buying tips which every woman should know about. There are many questions which you should ask the salesperson and things to find out about the car that you want to buy. Before you go to the nearest car lot, you should do some research on the internet. There you can check on buying a used car checklist. Purchasing a checklist is one sure way of asking each car dealer that you talk to just the right questions.

You do not want to purchase someone's lemon or end up paying a lot of finance charges for a car that is not going to last as long as the payments will. The first item to ask the salesperson is if the car has any leaks? This question will be on the first few items of your checklist.

Another question is how many previous owners has the car had? If the salesperson only knows of one then you should check the odometer mileage. If the odometer reading is over 200,000 miles, and the car is somewhat new, then you know the car was either a rental or the previous owner used the car to travel to long business trips.

More used cars buying tips which come from your checklist is to raise the hood of the car and look at the engine. Make a mental note if the engine is clean or dirty. Many times the engine will be pressure washed by the dealer as part of the detail job. So you do not want to look at the overall cleanliness, but between the hard to clean and tight place's which will be hard to get to with a quick pressure washing.

You may need to pull the car's oil stick and do not wipe the oil off of the stick at first but look and the oil. If it is sort of grey or white looking the engine has some really bad trouble. On the other hand if the oil really dark, then the oil hasn't been changed in sometime.

While the car is running look around the car to see if there is any smoke coming from outside the car and under the hood. Listen closely for any knocking, whistling and any other noise that you do not think should be there. Also look at the battery cables and make sure the cables and battery terminals are not corroded.

There are used car buying tips which you should ask before you finance a car. Do not forget that the price of the car is just the beginning. You then have sales tax, tags, and other charges which you may not realize.

Ask what is the total price of the car before financing and the total price after financing the car. You should also ask what the interest rate really is. Is the amount a fixed price or is it going to change in the future. The second thing to ask is what the exact amount of each payment is. The third thing to ask is if there are any penalties in your loan. This is also why buying a used car checklist is so important. These questions will be covered under the financing area.

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