Toddler Temper Tantrums

Your toddler temper tantrums can really make you stressed and weary especially when he keeps pushing his limits. It's hard to keep your cool when you are already tired and he is screaming and get into his temper fits.

Handling the "terrible twos" isn't easy. There are various reasons for your child tantrums. He might be misbehaving because he is seeking attention. It's one of his ways of showing his frustrations and making demands. Remind yourself that at this toddler stage, your child is so consumed with his thoughts and needs. It's a phase that almost all parents have to go through. Getting yourself uptight and angry won't help. In fact it will make you feel worst.

Handling Toddler Temper Tantrums

Ignore your child's tantrum.

Sometimes, your child shows his anger when he doesn't get what he wants and he'll squirm and scream on the floor. If you are at home and he gets into his temper tantrums, take no notice and ignore him. You aren't being harsh but trying to teach him some disciplines. If you do this often enough, he'll get the hint and stop repeating the behavior. But don't do it in public places or people might accuse you of child neglect. If you can discipline him at home, he will learn how to behave in public.

Avoid instant gratification.

If your child is given what he demands every time he shows his bad temper, he'll soon learn that this is the way to get what he wants. Don't give in to him even if you are in a public place. Just say "No" and keep moving. The other option to stop your toddler temper tantrums is to distract or divert his attention by pointing to something that he might find interesting or to create his curiosity.

Avoid getting annoyed and upset.

Can you imagine what will happen if he screams and you scream too? Things will get out of control and you might lose and end up crying and you child will continue to yell and howl. Stay calm and speak to him in your normal relaxed tone. He will calm down eventually.

Praise when he behaves.

Praise your toddler when he is behaving well. Use positive reinforcement to encourage your child. Applaud and celebrate in your way with him each time he does something successfully and shows his good behavior. One of the ways to educate your child on good manners is for you to show it by saying "please" and "thank you."

Let him take his nap.

When kids are tired they become crabby and irritable. Let your kid take his nap and if you have to go out with him, do it after his nap.

Carry snacks with you.

Low blood sugar can lead to tantrums. Make sure that you carry some snacks when you go out with him so that he has something to eat when he is hungry.

Be consistent in your punishment.

At home, you might use "time out" to deal with a tantrum for bad behavior. Do the same in public. Sit your child on a bench, in a corner in the toilet or take him to the car and let him cry and scream. Eventually he will learn that you are not an easy target for him to get what he wants and he will begin to behave.

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