Toddler Crafts and Easy Craft for Kids

Here are some ideas for toddler crafts and craft ideas for kids.

Getting 2 and 4 years old toddlers to sit still and to pay attention is an overwhelming task. They are energetic and are constantly curious, exploring and messing things around them. And if they are together, they fight and scream at each other. Punishing them by separating them and making them sit in a corner doesn't help much.

One of the best ways to keep them occupied and develop a longer attention span is to teach them some toddler arts and crafts. They also learn to develop hand and eye coordination, use their creative imagination and learn to follow simple instructions.

Children get fascinated easily. They'll like anything that produces noise, that they can paint, create, designs, glue, and tear or cut and mess around. If you visit the kid's craft stores, you'll find many craft ideas for kids. But you can also use whatever you have in the kitchen and your house to create something for them.

Make puppets.

Toddlers are fascinated with puppets. Get some Popsicle sticks, construction paper, and a pair of safety scissors, washable markers and glue. Cut out animal shapes out of the construction paper and let your toddler draw faces. Glue the stick to the back of the cut out animal, let it dry and he has a puppet to play with. To make his puppet more interesting, glue eyes and nose using foam and color them. You can also use socks to make the puppet.

To let him have his puppet show, take an empty cardboard box, decorate it and he has a stage for his puppet.

Finger painting.

Kids love to finger paint, but it's so messy and they need supervision to ensure that they don't put their fingers in their mouth. So as an alternative, use a serving of plain vanilla pudding, divide it up into small portions and shapes and add food coloring. Put the puddings on paper large paper plates and let him do his finger painting.

Another good toddler crafts idea is to let him use fabric paint and put his hand prints on tea towels. You can keep the towels and in the years to come, see how much he has grown. It will be something memorable to keep and cherish.

Design a T-Shirt

Get a plain white t-shirt, washable colorful markers and allow your toddler to create a design. When he has finished with it, let him wear the t-shirt. When you use washable markers, you can wash it and let him use the same shirt to redesign his creative work.


Get some construction paper and let your kid draw out shapes on it and cut them out. Glue the shape onto a whole piece. He can add detail with markers or embellish with stickers. When he's done, place the artwork on a piece of contact paper, sticky side up. Place another sheet of contact paper on top, sticky side down.

Other child and toddler crafts ideas.

You can also make a shaker. Get an empty plastic bottle. Put in some beans or rice and close it tight. Your child now has a shaker that he can play with until he is bored with it. Or let him cut out pictures from magazines and glue them on a large piece of poster board to create a collage.

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