Tips for Single Moms

Here are tips for single moms including time management tips, organizing tips and how to cope with being single with kids. It takes a while to adjust and cope with being a single mother but you will adapt. Make it a goal to live a well balanced single life regardless of the situation you are in.

Advice for Single Divorced Moms

Tips for single moms No. 1 - Release, let go and move on.

Almost all single mothers who ended up single through divorce will feel a sense of loss. It's not just about the men. They have invested a lot of time and effort to make the marriage work and yet it failed.

So don't try to analyze the reason for your marriage failure and don't blame yourself. Whatever happened has passed. Let things go and move on with life. If you hold any grudges toward your ex, release the resentment and anger. Forgive everyone who has hurt you either intentionally or without their knowledge. Forgive yourself too.

Tips for single moms No. 2 - Get organized

A disorganized home can make you feel overwhelmed. Plan one of your weekends to clean up and clear all the unnecessary clutters. Write down what you have to do and how you want to execute them.

Get your kids involved like getting them to organize their bedrooms and sort their toys. It's never too early to train them to be organized and hold some responsibilities.

Give away or sell off the stuff that you don't need. If you have plenty of things to sell, organize a garage sale. Ask a friend to come over and assist you.

Tips for single moms No. 3 - Plan your weekly schedule.

Plan out what you want to achieve or do for the week and then break them to daily tasks. You don't need to write a long to do list but plan it based on your roles and goals. This is the method that Stephen Covey taught in his First Things First book.

Download the weekly planner. It's in PDF format. Click the link if you don't have Adobe Acrobat PDF reader on your computer. Once you have it, "right-mouse-button-click" on the link and then click "save target as" or "save link as". If you want to read it without saving, press "left-button-click".

If you haven't read the book, here's an example of how to plan your week.

Write down your role and your goals.

  1. Role 1 : Mother
    Goal : Son's dental appointment

  2. Role 2 : Manager
    Goal : Induction program for new staff

  3. Role 3: Personal/Individual
    Goal: Take a 15-min walk around the block

Then write down in your daily planner which day you want to get the things done.

You got the idea? Working around 7 roles and goals are sufficient.

Solo moms have to be firm with their kids to train them on self discipline. Set a simple routine for your children to follow. Allot specific time for them to play, do their homework, help a little bit with the housework like throwing the garbage, and the time for them to watch television.

Tips for single moms No. 4 - Keep in touch with family and friends.

Keep in touch with your family. Bring your kids to visit them or invite them over. Let your children have close relation with your nuclear family. Your father and brothers can fill in the male influence your children need in the absence of their father. Keep in touch with your close friends too.

Tips for single moms No. 5 - Have fun together with your kids.

Even if you are don't have much to spare and living a frugal life, there are cheap ways to have fun with the kids. Prepare some sandwiches and refreshments and bring your kids to the park or children's playground during the weekend. Maybe you can rent a movie and watch with them on one of the Saturday evenings. Try new recipes and let your children offer their opinions and suggestion.

Create laughter and fun at home. Play board games together, tell bedtime stories before putting them off to bed and show your undivided love. Your children need the assurance that you are ok and that everything is going on well even without their father around.

Get some personal space.

Get up a little earlier and use this quiet time to pray, reflect and visualize a great day ahead. Before you sleep, try to squeeze in about 30 minutes to journal your thoughts and your activities and also do some reading. As you lie in bed, think good thoughts and visualize what you want to experience, have and do.

Take care of your health and fitness.

If you have done the weekly schedule, you should be able to have time to get a little bit of exercise. A brisk walk is the easiest and you can bring your kids along to practice a healthy lifestyle. Taking care of your health is very important because you have to be there for your children. Eat healthy, take vitamins and food supplements and avoid toxic substances.

Keep your mind positive.

Single mothers do find that they get easily stressed out without the physical, mental and emotional support.

Other than staying in touch and talking things over with your family and friends, what you can do is provide your mind with uplifting and positive thoughts. Listen to motivational and inspirational recordings as you drive or take the bus or train to work and back. You can also do it as you take your walks. Avoid hanging around with people who have nothing positive to talk about.

Have some time out.

At least once a month, take a break from your daily grinds. Request your family members or your friends to babysit your children while you are out.

Go out and watch a movie alone, get a body massage or a manicure. Or you can just sit and have coffee somewhere and ponder about who you are, what you are, what to do with your life and where you want to end up.

Some single mothers may feel guilty if they leave their children behind to have time for themselves. Let go of that guilty feeling because you deserve to have a life too. It doesn't make you an irresponsible mother.

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