The Other Woman

Are you the other woman in someone's married life? Why do you choose to have this affair with a married man? Probably your best answer is that you are crazy in love with this guy. Or that you don't mind that he's taken.

Why in the first place did you stick with him when you knew that he is already married and not available? Don't you feel like you are ruining a marriage?

He must have told you that he's been going through a troubled marriage for years even before you came into the picture. That should make you feel better, right? It's not your fault. She's the one who does not know how to love and cherish him. He could have also told you there's no more intimacy in his relationship; that his wife is too busy or taken him for granted. He may even have confided in you and showed his emotional side.

He gave you a long list and you believed him.

So what if you are loving a married man? It's none of anyone's business right?

Quite true. It's your life. It's your prerogative. But what if he has kids? Have you thought about how many hearts you've broken?

How long have you been his part time lover? Is he willing to divorce his wife and marry you? If he does commit, are you sure he won't cheat on you?

Doesn't it drain you emotionally to have to compete for attention and to share a man? And don't you get a little possessive sometimes? Be truthful.

These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself.

Advice for the Other Woman.

If you're already trespassing a marriage, it's not too late to back out. Just make a decision to do so. Don't give any ultimatum, just go. You'll be heartbroken for a while but it will pass and you will heal. Find some activities to keep your mind engrossed. Anyway, do you think it's worth it to have a relationship with a guy who commits infidelity?

If you are beginning to have a secret crush on a married man, quickly move away. It's a bad idea. If you allow the feelings to linger and as the emotions get stronger, you'll find it more difficult to back away. Once he reciprocate, you are in for trouble.

There are available men; bachelors, divorced or widowed out there. You just need to try harder and at different places. Save yourself from the emotional turmoil. Avoid being the other woman.

Should you Confront the Other Woman?

It's up to you. Sometimes it works and she backs away and leaves. There are also women who don't give a hoot.

Do you think that by confronting your spouse's lover, he'll leave and forget her? Can you accept him back in your life knowing that he has betrayed you? If you do forgive, can you forget?

Only you can answer these questions and decide on your next action.

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