Sperm Donors

Sperm donors can help single women and lesbians' dream of motherhood become a reality.

There are many women yearning to have a child to love and cherish forever. Thanks to sperm donations, families can be created. Donors donate their DNA for various reasons. Despite the reasoning, the end result is a child that will complete a family. Single mothers and lesbians are grateful for the donors or their sperms because without them, they would not have their babies.


Free sperm donors are usually friends. But most women choosing artificial insemination choose donors from cryogenic banks. Most of them are anonymous.

A woman's doctor or fertility specialist can provide their patients with information pertaining to donors and where to obtain a sperm donation. Most doctors that perform artificial insemination have cryogenic banks that they already use for their patients. Finding a donor can be quite difficult, because there are so many decisions to make.

When looking for a sperm donor, women choose from a catalog of donors. You can screen by ethnicity and physical characteristics, such as hair color and height. Those selecting donors can also review brief family medical histories and some may even provide childhood to adult photos.

Some agencies require a donor to write an essay, which can pertain to his dreams in life or his fondest childhood memories. All of this information can be shared with the child in the future.

Once the donor is selected, a contract will be signed by the patient. Cryogenic banks require the patient's information, as well as the doctor's information. Cryogenic banks will only ship the sperm donation to a doctor's office. It is up to the patient, whether or not the doctor will perform the insemination, or if it will be performed at home.

Within the contract there is information regarding the donor. He can choose to remain anonymous or some men may allow the children to contact them after age eighteen. The patient has to sign and adhere to the donors demands. Reviewing and completing a contract can take some time, sometimes up to two weeks, so women need to prepare ahead of time.

Many worry that the donors will find the children that they fathered. Using a cryogenic bank is safer than using a friend or family member. The donor will not have any rights to children.

The cost of insemination using a sperm donor can be quite costly. The cost depends on the number of cycles it takes for a pregnancy to occur. Most insurance companies do not cover the artificial insemination and it the patient's responsibility to purchase the sperm. Sperm donations are usually four to five hundred dollars per sample, plus the preparation costs and shipping. The total for one cycle is usually around eight hundred dollars. Insemination prices range from three to six hundred dollars.

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