How Speed Dating Works

Speed dating is a prearranged event usually organized by a match making company to enable its members to meet up. This social event is arranged within an age group and you are required to pay a certain amount of fee to participate. There are pros and cons to these hurry date or quick dates' events.

If you are too busy to socialize, this fast date gathering allows you the opportunity to meet several men fast and all in one day. When you speed date, you don't have to worry about excusing yourself in you don't like a person. You are given 5 minutes to ask and answer questions and when the time is up, you'll meet the next guy in line.

Upon registration, you'll receive the names of the guys you will meet and also a score card to write down some notes and your level of interest. Your note is kept confidential. The organizer will collect all the notes from everyone and match those who show mutual interest.

If you like one or two of your dates but they don't feel the same, there won't be any further communication. But if there is mutual interest, the organizer will arrange that both of you can contact and get in touch with one another.

One of the major disadvantages of speed dating is that the time given is too short to really get to know a person. With only 5 minutes there are only so few questions that you can ask or answer. But it's better than getting to know someone through online dating because you get to meet face to face.

Speed Dating Tips

Make a good first impression.

Put a smile on your face, dress appropriately and feel confident. These are the first few things people see and sense before you open your mouth. Make sure you are presentable and smell good. The first few seconds can make a lasting impression.

Communicate clearly.

Speak with confidence. When you talk, limit your gestures that might indicate that you are nervous or aggressive. Show interest by putting on a smile and having eye contact when speaking or listening to someone. Even if you feel that you aren't interested in someone, don't make it obvious. Remember that you only have a few minutes and he will move on when the buzzer goes on.

Ask interesting and smart questions.

Ask questions that require more than a "Yes" or "No" answer. Ask interesting questions instead of the normal and standard ones like where do you live or work. Since you are trying to find someone who shares common interests, ask questions related to what you are looking for.

Come prepared.

In order to overcome stammering or fidgeting when you have to answer questions, come prepared with your answers. What do you think your speed date want to know about you? What possible questions would they ask?

Get mentally prepared too.

You might meet 10, 12 or 15 men but none of them meet your expectations. Or you might like someone but the person doesn't feel the same. The best thing to do is be mentally prepared. Come with the intention to have fun and to try something different or new. Tell yourself that you refuse to feel rejected or take things to seriously if nobody shows any interest.

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