Singles Travel Groups

Singles travel groups are a great way to travel comfortably and securely while mingling and meeting other singles and new people.

Many travel agents include group travels like senior travel groups, alternative travel groups, women only travel groups, and yes, travel groups for singles. The singles group is not to match you up with a mate so you can relax and get that image right out of your mind. What they'll do is plan your visits, the things to do and see, and show you what life in the country that you are visiting is about.


These travel groups are specifically meant for people of the same age or interests to have a good time in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Of course, it's more fun and enjoyable to travel with someone you know, a partner or friends. But when you're single, your idea of a vacation differs from your friends who have mates. If you feel comfortable with solo travel or taking a vacation by yourself, then go ahead and do it? If being totally alone while vacationing isn't something you'd be interested in, if you don't want to go through with planning your own itinerary, or you like to meet new people, consider joining any one of the many singles travel groups.

The size of the group can range from ten or twenty people to a hundred. It all depends on the destination, the interest and mode of transportation. If you are looking for an intimate group then choose activities that limit the number of participants.

One of the advantages of travelling in a group is that you can cut cost on the room rate. The organizer or travel agent will arrange to double you up with another member of the group who is of the same gender. You can have your own room if you want to but you will have to pay a higher rate.

Where to Find Singles Travel Groups

Travel agents

Many groups being put together for singles use the services of travel agents for simplicity. You'll find everything from historical trips to art experiences to simply visiting a new city. The group starts out together and follows an itinerary for the entire trip.

Church groups

Churches often arrange religious tours for various interest groups in their congregation. They can be overseas trips to the Holy Land, Europe or any number of interesting destinations.

Dating services

Some dating services organize singles tours so that those who are looking for a companion might possibly make a connection on their vacation. Not only do you sightsee but also different activities are set up for people to mingle and get to know each other. .

When travelling with singles travel group, stick to your group. This is especially important in foreign countries where you might not speak the language. Things can get dangerous fast if you are alone in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is usually time built in for doing something on your own and even then there may be approved excursions to stick to.

Pack as lightly as you can, especially if it is a bus tour or a tour that involves a lot of stopping and changing hotels. Think minimal wardrobe that you can re-wear many times.

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