Single Parent Adoption

Single parent adoption, practical knowledge for single women on how to adopt a child.

Traditionally adoption agencies preferred to place children with married couples. In some states, laws were even in place that prevented single women from adopting. However, as times have changed, kid adoption to single parent has increased in popularity. Today many adoption agencies are friendly towards single women looking to adopt a child. They recognize that single parents can provide the same love and emotional support that married couples can to children in need.

For single parent adoption, you need to do your research. Start off by investigation local public and private adoption agencies and finding out their policies on how to adopt a child when single. You should also check state laws and contact your State's Public Welfare or Social Services department to be better prepared for any hurdles that come up.

The National Council for Adoption (NCFA), a national non-profit, provides information on all steps of the adoption process, including lists of adoption agencies. Adoption attorneys have advanced knowledge of current adoption laws and are another resource that single women may want to pursue to find out the procedure and process on child adoption. Adoption attorneys can negotiate contracts with adoption agencies to ensure they have your best interest in mind, help arrange international adoptions and assist with terminating the rights of the birth parents.

Joining support groups can also provide access to individuals who can offer encouragement and guidance on adoption agencies supportive of single women looking to adopt. Some of these adoptive parent groups are available just for single women.

While trying to adopt be prepared to deal with some stereotypical questions constantly. Concerns about why you want to adopt, how will you deal with the lack of a male presence in the home and how will you work and financially support a child will be bought up. By using a support group, you can openly discuss these issues and make sure you have answers to show adoption agencies that you are serious about pursuing adoption. Books and Web sites devoted to single parent adoption are also valuable tools, offering guidance on how to adopt a child.

The price of adoption should also be carefully examined for single parent adoption, since agency and private adoptions can cost $20,000 or more. Many single women are turning to international adoptions to avoid the long waiting lists experienced when trying to adopt a baby domestically. However, international adoption comes with a whole new set of complications including confusing paperwork and dealing with the legal system of another country. In some instances, international adoptions can be more expensive than domestic adoption.

Because of the competition found when adopting newborns, single parent adoption is more likely to get approved for those willing to adopt special needs children. Special needs children include those with physical disabilities and emotional problems. The term can also apply to older children, those who have faced abuse or neglect and children of different minority groups. Many of these children are part of the foster care system, subsidies are provided to help cover the financial cost of raising them and there is no fee to this type of adoption.

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