Single Life Advantages

What are the single life advantages and disadvantages? Here's a list of the pro and con but mostly the good things about living single.

You gain autonomy.

Being autonomous means you are free from control and constraints. The number one single life advantages is that you have personal freedom and you are in charge of your own life. You can do what you please and don't need to seek anyone's permission.

You become a money manager

Your money is your money. You choose how you want to use it. You decide if you want to splurge, save or invest. You'll have to learn to pay bills on time, to be frugal and to budget your living expenses.

You must make a wise decision on where you want to live the single life taking into account your personal safety and home security. A gated community is good but the cost is higher compared to living in a condominium or apartment. But it's safer and more convenient than living on a single family home without security and maintenance facilities.

You'll become self reliant.

You'll have to trust your judgments and make your own decisions. You may have no choice but to do things by yourself. Some of these are things which you never thought you could do when you were a couple. You'll learn to outsource chores and tasks which you can't handle on your own.

You gain self understanding.

You will have many moments of alone time. These are moments to get to know you better. What do you want to do, to have and to become? What are your needs and desires? The single life provides you the chance for self discovery.

There's ample space.

Being home alone allows you to have your our own living, emotional and personal space. You can decorate your home to your liking and this will give you a sense of belonging and make you house proud. And you have a place within to feel whatever you want to feel. You no longer need to worry about and for others or try to accommodate. This is one of the single life advantages that many women are unwilling to give up.

You can map out new trails.

Many women who are single again start to plan out new and different directions in life. You too can further your education, start your own business, find new adventures or go after your long forgotten dream.

You can flirt, date again and date different people.

One of the best single life advantages is that it allows you the space and freedom to flirt, date again and date different people. Dating different people allows you to know if you can "click" with your date. If you decide after an hour that you aren't compatible, you can go out with someone else the next time.

A chance to fall in love again.

The other single life advantages is that you'll get a chance to meet someone, get infatuated and you'll experience romance again. But the odds of falling out of love is also present. A warning though; if you're not over your ex, avoid it. It's only going to be a rebound relationship.

The list above are the single life advantages. Here are a few disadvantages

You have to take personal responsibility.

Gaining personal independence entails that you become more responsible. You are in charge of you own health, finances and your well being. Since you are single handed, you have to do your best to make things work out.

You may experience boredom.

If you are new to the single life, you might feel bored. There are many activities that you can do and get involved as a cure for boredom. Most women who have got used to living on their own have learned to keep themselves occupied and enjoy their quiet times so much that they don't feel bored.

It's a problem if you are afraid of living alone or can't afford it.

This is when you must decide if you should find a housemate and rent out a room. There is always a problem of finding the right person. You would definitely want someone who is clean, tidy and responsible.

When you can't afford to live a certain lifestyle, you either find a way to reduce your expenses or increase your earnings. You can find part time jobs or look for other income opportunities. If you really can't afford to rent, one of the best things to do is stay with a close friend, a family member or your parents, at least until you sort your finances.

Celibacy may become a way of life.

You may end up or choose to live the celibate life where there is no love life. There may be quite a number of single women who wouldn't want to abstain themselves from their libido needs. Some single women decide on cohabitation instead of remarrying to meet their needs. Some singles have flings or one night stands.

And you'll feel lonely.

A newly single woman's major challenge with the single life is facing loneliness. This is normal especially if you have just lost someone, separated or broke up with your partner. After being used to having a companion, the silence and emptiness can make you feel so alone.

One of the ways to have company is to adopt a pet, either a dog or a cat. If you have no kids, you might opt to adopt a child. Or you can go through artificial insemination or invitro fertilization if you have a fertility issue. You don't need a partner just a sperm donor. Pregnant singles will face some issues. There are disadvantages and a taboo in some cultures.

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