Being Single and Loving It

Are you single and loving it? If you aren't a happy single, it's best that you identify your problem. Don't assume that not having a partner is the reason for your discontent. You can be single and happy if you acquire the right attitude.

Start by looking at your basic needs. Do you have a place to call a home, a satisfying job, a considerable amount of self esteem, friends, etc? Once you discover your real issue or concern, you can move on and turn singleness to your advantage.

Ways to Be Single and Loving It

Allow happiness into your life.

In order to be single and loving it, you must allow happiness into your life and feel as much joy as possible. There are several ways to attain this feeling. One of the most important points is to acknowledge and remind yourself that you deserve to feel happy. You will also find pleasure by associating with optimistic, cheerful and people with the right attitude.

Engage in a satisfying career.

Having a job is to meet your basic safety and security needs. If you are jobless, find a job or start something where you can work from home. The best kind of job is one that gives you personal satisfaction and allows you to use your creativity. Loving what you do will reduce a lot of stress in your life.

Get your own place.

One of the best way to be single and loving it is to have a place that you can call home. It gives you the freedom and a sense of belonging. If you are financially secured, you may prefer to buy instead of renting. But either way, get a place on your own and decorate it anyway you wish.

Network and connect.

Another tip to be a single and loving is to expand your network of friends. Get to know and mix with people outside your work. You'll not only gain more friends but different opinions and experiences. Stay in contact with your family members and spend some time with them regularly. It'll also do you a lot of good to join a volunteer group or participate in community events.

Go on interesting vacations.

Explore and discover the world outside your own. Find interesting places to visit and try something you've never tried before like an adventure trip or singles cruises. Don't worry about not having a partner to go along. You can join singles groups or clubs and join them on planned vacations.

Exercise and keep fit.

Regular exercise keeps you fit, healthy and improves your body and self image. Your self esteem will also increase. If you don't like doing it alone, join a gym, yoga class or any other group programs. A healthy self image and self esteem is important in order to prevent your from feeling unworthy and unloved.

Work on improving your financial and personal growth.

Make it a goal to improve your financial and personal growth and aim to reach financial independence. It'll help you overcome your fear of retirement and the future. Your existing knowledge and skills are insufficient to bring the improvement so you have to learn and acquire new ones. Join classes or workshops and continue with your education.

Avoid being needy.

People who are happy being single are not needy of affection or reassurance. Have some pride and avoid attention seeking tactics to gain love or interest. Do passionate and interesting things so that your focus isn't on trying to find a mate and looking for physical closeness.

Ignore intrusive comments and unwelcome remarks.

You are bound to receive some unwelcome remarks about your single status. If you are single and want to be happy, don't allow these comments to upset or worry you. Remind yourself that people have opinions, different perceptions and are sometimes judgmental. Remember that your own happiness is more important than what others think of you.

Be grateful.

Being single is not a shortcoming or inadequacy. To show your gratitude, give thanks for being alive upon waking up and before you sleep. If you can't seem to find something to feel grateful about, ask yourself this question. "What am I happy about in my life right now?" and "What am I proud about in my life right now?" Initially, you might find it difficult to come up with a reason. Keep asking.

Share Your Single Life Experiences

How long have you been single? Do you love it? Or do you wish you were in a relationship?

What do you do to keep yourself busy or occupied?

Share it!

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