Signs of Flirting

What are the signs of flirting? How to understand flirting body language, the types of flirt signals and signs guys are flirting with you.

Has this ever happened to you that you before? You went out on a social or work related event and at first you thought that a guy was interested in you. But he didn't make a move. You then had second thoughts and wasn't sure whether he was trying to flirt with you or merely being friendly?

This is a dilemma that women often face. Sometimes this apprehension may end up spoiling what could have been the start to a potential relationship.

As a woman, your senses are honed to pick up the nonverbal cues of your own gender. But if you want to observe the signs men give when flirting you will have to look closely. Don't expect every man to take the boisterous approach. More often than not you will find guys who are quite subtle.

So let's start with a typical scenario. You are out with your friends and you see this really cute looking guy standing a few feet away from you. You sense that he is flirting with you. But you are not sure if you should make the first move because you don't know the signs of flirting.

One of the best things to do is just sit back and observe for a few minutes. Become a keen observer. Look for the slightest nuance of interest. And you should be able to get your answer.

One of the signs of flirting that you will notice is the constant attempt to make eye contact. Even if he is with a bunch of friends, he will frequently, while he is still talking to them, look at you. He may even go as far as to give you a smile.

Now if somebody smiles at you, what should you do? Easy, smile back at him.

Let's take this flirting game further. Usually, if a man is interested in you, the next sign is body language flirting. This will include his coming over and standing fairly close. As far as the opposite sex is concerned, if a person finds you interesting, he will stand within your circle of privacy or invincible personal space. It's a semi circle drawn to the front of your body with your arm as the radius. So if a guy tries to move in too close, you can be pretty sure that he likes you.

Then there are times when you will meet the shy guy. The signs a shy guy give when flirting is to catch your attention. He will look at you every time you look up but as soon as you try to make eye contact he will look away. And this ritual will go on until you signal your approval of him with a smile

When he comes over, you will find him talking about how he is interested in various things. He shares your likes and dislikes and may even talk about his accomplishments. This is known as the preening ritual. But it's not only shy men who do this. Their brethrens from the entire mammal kingdom follow this ritual of courtship.

Somewhere as you are lost in his conversation, you will feel a slight touch, ever so fleeting, that should usually send tingles up your spine like in one of the romance novels. But if it doesn't, don't worry; we are not trying to gauge the sensitivity of your skin here. If he touches you, particularly, your arm, your hand, or put a hand at your back as he leads you out; all of these are signs of flirting.

Frequent over the top compliments are a dead giveaway of a man's flirtatious intentions. This is a very typical sign that men give when flirting. You will hear a lot of compliments coming your way. Usually it will start with something impersonal like your jewelry and then go on to your eyes, hair etc.

There are also physiological types of flirt signals. For instance, if you are a keen observer, you will notice the slight dilation of his pupils as he glazes over you.

So now that you know all about how men flirt, get ready to get out there and have some fun.

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