Signs He is Cheating

Is there any way to look for signs he is cheating on you? If you search the internet, you will find websites that offer tests and quizzes to look for the signs of cheating boyfriend. But there are also several common tell-tale signs that that your boyfriend is lying or is unfaithful.

Here are the signs of cheating in a relationship:

A Sudden Change in His Attitude

If your man is seeing someone else, you can tell by the change in his attitude. He may start telling you that he is busy or have some problems at work or with his family and cannot spare the time to go out with you as much as he used to. Of course he might be telling the truth. One of the signs he is cheating is if he doesn't want to discuss or share it with you and think that you are becoming intrusive.

You can also guess that he is cheating if he suddenly acts indifferent towards you. He may become uninterested to even chat and get irritated easily if you ask too much about his whereabouts and activities. He'll become defensive and might accuse you of being a nag or suspicious.

A Change in Preference

One of the other signs he is cheating is if he tries to avoid you from meeting or hanging out with his group of friends. He might tell you that he is having a men's night out or develop a new hobby that doesn't welcome women. If these outings happen too often, it's a sign that your boyfriend is lying. He may also dissuade you from coming over to his place anymore and suggest that he hang out at yours instead.

He Becomes More Concerned about His Looks and Appearance

Unless he has always been stylish and classy in his manners and dressing, a sudden desire to change his looks and appearance may indicate that he is trying to woo or impress someone.

He is out of Reach too Often

One of the other signs that he is cheating is if it becomes difficult to reach him. Men, and also women, who cheat and lie in relationships can come out with many excuses if they are unreachable. Some of the lies are sometimes too obvious but for the sake of providing an answer, they can say things can make you feel doubtful. Some of the common answers why you can't get him on the phone are:

  1. The battery went dead

  2. He was at area where there was no reception

  3. He was in a meeting

  4. He left his phone at home, in the car, in his friend's car, etc, etc.

  5. He put his phone on silence mode

  6. He was driving and didn't bring his hands free kit

  7. He lost his phone

  8. You don't know that he is online because he chose to be seen as invincible or offline

You Are Hearing Rumors

Have you heard the adage, "Where there's smoke, there's fire?" It's possibly true. So if you start hearing rumors, you might want to take heed because this could be one of the signs that he is cheating.

If he is seeing someone new frequently, someone you know could have bumped into him. Though this person might not tell you, he or she would tell someone else. The rumor and gossip will spread and most likely will reach you. If you were to ask him, he would have his answers ready and he might even tell you that you are jealous or suspicious of him. So probably, you could do some investigation first before confronting him.

He Lose Interest in You

When he starts to forget to call and wish you goodnight, when his kisses are no longer passionate or he doesn't want anything physical or sexual anymore, these are some of the signs he is cheating. But of course, he has the answers or lies ready.

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