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by Joan
(Sioux Falls, SD)

I have been single all of my life. I HATE it. I see other people happy and it feels like they are rubbing it in my face that I am ALONE. How bad do I hate it that I have ostracized my family members who are younger than I am. I find ever fault in younger people than I am who are married and list 10 Reasons THEY should be single and I SHOULD be MARRIED and Happy.

1. They're Homely
2. What end did kids come out of
3. Is that called a face and they actually eat with it WOW
4. If that guy would have taken me I would be MUCH better looking. . . . . .for sure
5. I am educated their education was on their back with their feet in the air and that was their major.
6. No wonder I saw her with two guys she had to figure out how to have kids bet they had black veils too.
7. Just think IF she had to be single and then she would really know how I Feel.
8. Thank God there were no kids or they stopped when they did otherwise they would have brain damage like their Mother
9. Talk about LOSERS that are happily married and tell them how much the couple reminds you of their happy marriage. . . . .they should compare notes.
10. think of how she won't be able to do anything with kids, and a divorce would happen, at least I can hold a Real job. There are janitor and cook positions available for uneducated people. Keep asking them if it's fun being Single. Don't you love this life. You know he needed to find something Better than You.

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Nov 28, 2012
Not fair
by: Anonymous

Its not fair is it when everyone else is getting things and you are not and you feel like I want what everyone else is getting! Why can't I have it!

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