Scholarships for Single Mothers

Are you looking for scholarships for single mothers? Yes, there is help and money for single moms going back to school to upgrade their skills and their lives.

As a single mother raising a child alone, you are likely trying very hard to get through the month with your paycheck. There are household bills, feeding your kid and other living expenses to take care of. The thought of going back to school might once seem like a pipe dream, knowing that you can't afford to pay for your education. But, going back to school is one of best ways to broaden your knowledge and skills to enable you to get a better paying job and earn more income.

Knowing the predicaments single mothers are facing, most states are now offering college scholarships for single mothers. While there are also federal programs, these often are more in the form of grants but they are harder to obtain. Programs like Raise the Nation are offered to single mothers looking to improve themselves and finally go back for a degree.

Grants are often given to more mothers than a scholarship program can afford. But there are often stricter qualifications and terms that need to be applied before one can apply. If a state funded program only has a few slots available per semester than most single mothers may have to look for other options.

The key difference between a grant and a scholarship is that scholarships usually have stricter requirements for selecting applicants, and they are specifically meant for those who are entering college. Grants can be given for many other reasons such as business start up, or to help cover costs for those who have suffered some type of tragedy. Once a person is awarded a grant, they do not have any requirements to abide by or grades to maintain to keep the money. The advantage of receiving a grant is that you don't have to pay back.

In special cases such as women who have been victims of abuse or have recovered from substance abuse there are scholarships for single moms that are easier to get through. Agencies like Sunshine Lady, the Women's Independence Scholarship program and Soroptimist Women's Opportunity Awards offer such assistance.

If you would like help finding the scholarships available in your state you can find more information at sites such as the Online Education Database or at scholarship.com. Another useful resource for single mothers who are older than 25 years old is a site called The Fast Web.

There are also many private organizations and nonprofit groups that offer scholarships for single mothers. You can reach them by contacting them directly to speak to someone or fill out an online application. Contacting the college of your choice may often turn up scholarship opportunities when speaking to the department that deals with financial aid.

If you are a single mother contemplating going back to school, have faith and know that it can be a reality if you just take a little time to research scholarship opportunities in your area and talk to a school counselor who can show you the way to go.

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