Saving Electricity at Home

Saving electricity is one of the ways to cut down on your monthly expenses. Electrically heated and air conditioned homes use the largest amount of electricity followed by the water heater. If you can save about 20% - 30% on these, you will lower your monthly electric bill and will save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Over reliance on electrical equipments and ease of use are two of the reasons why saving electricity becomes difficult for many people. They would rather use a dish washer and clothes dryer than using the conventional way of washing dishes and drying clothes. The remote control is another convenient device. But did you know that your television is on standby mode if you switch it off by pressing your remote button instead of the plug point. When it is on standby mode you are wasting electricity and paying unnecessarily for something that you can easily avoid.

You don't have to sacrifice your comfort to save electricity and energy at home. What you can do is to change some habits.

How to Save Electricity

Heaters and air conditioners.

Turn off the heaters or coolers in the rooms that aren't occupied, both in the day and at night. If you have a centralized heating or cooling system, just close the ducts and the doors for any room you don't want to heat or cool. Open them up or alter the thermostat a half hour before you make the switch to the rooms you want to use.

For long term savings, keep your home well insulated. Double paned windows, good composite insulating foam, and well fitting doors and windows will prevent the air inside from leaking out and outside air from seeping in. Insulating your doors and windows with foam rubber style strips is an easy way to prevent the leakage and seepage. Installing a good installation in the walls and fiberglass above the ceiling will definitely save energy.

Water heater.

The easiest way to save is to reduce the temperature of your water heater by 5 - 10 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are living with your children, arrange that they take their showers one after the other so that you can save on warming up the heater separately.

Dry your clothes outside.

One of the ways of saving electricity is to avoid using the dryer. Hang your clothes outside instead or any place where you can get sunlight. Organize your washing schedule. Do it once a week instead of washing small loads a few times a week.

Iron all the clothes together.

Instead of ironing your clothes when you want to wear them, pick a day where you can do all your ironing. You will save energy on warming the iron each time you use it.

Use energy saving tubes.

Use compact fluorescent lamps or energy saving lamps and tubes to light your home. Though this CFL are more expensive than the incandescent lamps, they use approximately one third less power and last about five times longer. The long term savings is substantial.

Turn off electrical items when not in used.

This habit is within everyone's control. It's easy but yet many people aren't paying attention to it. Just switch off electrical items like the television, computers and light bulbs when you are not using them. Teach your children to practice this habit and tell them the reasons.

Wear suitable clothing.

When it is cold, put on an extra layer of clothing such as a comfortable sweater or a second pair of socks. If it is warm, wear cotton clothing and light colors.

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