Save Money On Phone Bills

Are you looking for some ways to save money on phone bills? How much are you paying for your phone bills right now? How can you lower your phone bill?

You will find several money saving tips on this page but first let's look at your lifestyle and phone habits.

How many telephone lines are you paying for? Do you have a landline and also a cell phone? Do you spend a lot of time talking on the phone?

If you are having a long distance relationship or keeping in touch with your family who is living in another state or country, you are likely to have to pay a lot for using the phone. And if you need a landline for connection to use the internet, you are probably paying for two services to the telephone provider.

Here's how you can save money on phone bills

Limit your phone usage

This money saving tip is obvious. The less you talk, send messages, download wallpapers and ringtones, the more you save. With Bluetooth, you can send, receive and upload wallpapers, MP3s and ringtones from the internet or another phone without paying anything. Using your cell phone for browsing the internet or checking and sending emails is more expensive unless you have access to WIFI.

Use only one telephone line

If you have to choose to give up either your landline or your cell phone, which would you pick? Most of us have found it difficult to live without our cell phones, so perhaps you too would choose your mobile phone over the fixed line.

Use prepaid

In some locations, you may have no option but to have the landline for your internet connection and you also need your cell phone for convenience. What you can do is to opt for a prepaid card for your cell phone.

Look for a different service provider

There are now several other options that don't require a landline to have access to the internet. Check your area if there is a WIFI provider that offers s cheaper rate or package. When you use a WIFI, you can terminate your fixed line service.

Look for a savings plan

Because of the competitions among telephone service providers these days, you can benefit from it. Check with your provider for package deals for unlimited talk time. Most companies have several plans that you can choose from to save money on phone bills. The plans may include free or cheap talk time or text messaging to a given number of friends and family.

Talk during off peak hours

The phone rate is normally cheaper during off peak or promotional hours. You can save money on phone bills further by talking about things that are only really necessary or important.

Send text messages instead

Unless it is really important that you must speak to that person, send a text message instead. It is cheaper and you can write long messages.

Use VoIP

VoIP is short for voice over internet protocol. This service is very useful especially if you make regular long distance call. If you and your receiver have a high speed broadband internet connection, VoIP system installed on both of your computers and a headset, you will save money on your phone bills. Using Skype for example is one of the best ways to communicate without having to worry about how long you spend chatting.

If you don't have access to VoIP, use a calling card. A calling card usually is cheaper and cost effective especially when you make international calls.

Cancel any service that you no longer need or isn't necessary

If you have been subscribing to something that you no longer need or aren't making much use, you might as well cancel it. A little savings each month will build up in the long run.

Use the internet as a communication tool

Email messages cost nothing extra if you are already using the internet. If you have an account with any social network websites such as Facebook, it becomes easier to keep in touch with friends and family. There are also other forms of communication like instant messaging, yahoo messaging and Google talk.

So, you do have several options to save money on your phone bills. Check around and calculate how much you can save using one or more of the tips mentioned above.

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