Save Money on Entertainment

Tips to save money on entertainment and ways to reduce the money you spend on leisure activities.

Have your looked at your personal entertainment budget? How much money do you spend on leisure activities like going for the girl's night out, to the movies, having dinner in restaurants and going to sporting events? Think of the money you'll save if you reduce your expenses on these activities. You don't have to give them up. What you can do is find cheaper ways to have fun during your leisure hours.

If you just love watching movies, why not sign up for a Netflix subscription for a few dollars per month and rent as many movies as you want. You can watch them on your television or on any computer with a high-speed connection. You save gas and time by skipping the movie theater and money that you might spend on popcorns, candy and drinks. You can still watch some occasionally by going for the early shows or matinees. The price is cheaper.

Another big way to save money on entertainment is to skip dining out at fine restaurants. Of course it's swanky and the service is high-class. But why spend so much for something that you can get cheaper, sometimes better in terms of taste or hospitality. Ask around or check online for recommendations for mid range restaurants that serve the good food that you like which also provide exceptional service.

Dining at home is still the cheapest. Your budget on entertaining will reduce drastically if you start to cook and eat at home. The thought of cooking for one might not sound interesting. One of the ways to turn that around is to start being a little creative and adventurous. Instead of cooking the same boring meals that many single women usually do when they are alone, why not learn and try to cook something new and different every few days. There are many recipes you can get for free by searching for them on the internet.

Invite some friends or relatives over to try your dishes. Make it fun and entertaining. Once in a while get together for a potluck. Doing this is cheaper still. You don't have to cook for your guest because everyone will bring their own dishes.

You can save money on going to the stadiums to watch sports events by tuning on your TV instead. If you feel that watching a game alone at home is boring, invite friends over. Or get a few friends and join the crowd at sports bars. In Malaysia for example, almost all open air restaurants put up huge screens or monitors.

The other option is to do a barter. If you have a ticket to an event which you do not wish to go to, give it to someone who does and make an agreement that she will give you one for any event that she's willing to give away.

By now you would have an idea of the ways to save money on entertainment and most likely can think of more ways to still enjoy your pastime without draining your wallet.

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