How to Save Gas

Are you spending too much on gas or fuel? How do you save gas, improve your gas mileage and save money? There are several ways you can save fuel.

If you are driving a luxury car and are feeling the pinch change it to an economical one. Why would you need a big and expensive car if you are driving alone most of the time? If you've been driving to work, you might want to consider taking the public transport, car pooling, relocate near your office or work nearer to home. Unless you are a single mother, being a single woman makes it easy for you to relocate anywhere you please.

If you aren't willing to change your lifestyle, then change your driving styles and habits and pay more attention to some basic car maintenance.

Tips to Save Gas

Check your tire pressure.

When the tires are underinflated, your car will consume more gas. It is also dangerous if you have to press your emergency brake, especially on wet roads, because there is less grip between the tires and the road. By ensuring that the tires are filled to the specific amount, your fuel consumption is reduced and you'll save gas and money. The other benefit of getting your tires adequately inflated is that you avoid the threads from wearing off prematurely.

Check your tire pressure once a month using a tire gauge. You can buy one or use the one installed at the gas stations. If it's your first time and you don't know how to do it, ask for help for the gas attendants and learn how to do it yourself the next time.

Remove unnecessary loads.

Some people have roof mounted cargo carriers on their cars or they carry their bicycles and other stuff. These loads on top of your car roof cause air friction which reduce air drag and consume more fuel. Also check your trunks. Don't use it as storage.

Keep your windows closed on freeways.

Open windows on freeways also cause an air drag. If you are thinking that turning of your air conditioner and opening your windows will save you gas, it isn't true.

Replace your air filter.

According to a report clogged air filter increase fuel consumption by as much as 10 percent. Changing it when it is due will help with your gas saving and also avoid your engine from getting damaged from impurities.

Change your motor oil.

Out of tune engine consumes a lot of gas. Send your car for the routine oil change to increase your mileage.

Replace your spark plugs.

Old and worn out spark plugs affects your gas mileage. Replace them so that your car runs well and you save on your fuel consumption.

Drive on higher gear.

Lower gear uses more RPM or revolutions per minute and makes the engine works harder. Once you have accelerated and maintained at a constant speed shift your gear from lower to higher. Drive at a steady speed and avoid pressing on your brakes too often.

Do You Have A Tip Or Suggestion To Add To This List?

Do you have a tip or suggestion to add to this list? Share it with us!

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