Safe Dating Tips

Before meeting your date for the first time, it's advisable that you adhere to some safe dating tips. You don't have to be apprehensive but a certain amount of planning and caution is necessary to ensure your dating safety.

You should already have screened your date and spoken over the telephone. It isn't wise to meet your date if your communication has only been through emails, online chats and instant messaging. If he has been reluctant to talk on the phone before meeting up, he is likely a scam artist.

It's therefore necessary to have had verbal communication so that you can get to know more about the person who's on the other end of the wire and gauge him. You'll feel more confident and would know what to expect.

Arrange to meet at a public place.

Select a place that is public and in town. A restaurant that is not too dark, noisy and crowded is a good choice. This place should allow you to observe him and talk conveniently.

Arrange your own transport.

Safe dating tips No. 2 that you must abide by is to arrange for you own transportation to and from the date. Either drive your car or take the public transport. If you drive, don't let your date walk you to your car or give him a lift when the date is over.

You must avoid from letting him see your vehicle registration number. So it's best that you park your car somewhere and take the public transport and meet at the entrance or exit point. When taking the public transport, try to make sure that your date isn't on the same route

Make sure someone knows about where you are going.

Another dating safety tips is to inform your close friend or a family member about what you are up to, where you are going and how long you are expected to be out on the date. Set a pre arranged time to call and inform about your situation.

Keep alcohol consumption low.

To enjoy a safe dating experience, keep your alcohol consumption low. Too much alcohol can cloud your mind and senses. Keep it small so that you are aware and alert. One important thing to be attentive of is that your date doesn't try to spike your drink or drug your food. Of course you don't have to be paranoid. It's just a reminder that there is a possibility if your date has a bad intention.

Ask questions but don't probe.

Ask friendly and impersonal questions. Don't probe or make it like an interview session. Take it slow. If you like him and he does too, there'll be more dates coming. You are on a date and looking for some fun and enjoyment.

Don't reveal too much.

Here's another safe dating tips; don't reveal too much personal information. He's going to ask you questions too. Since you don't know him well enough, avoid giving him your personal information. It's too soon.

Trust your intuition.

If your intuition tells you that something isn't right, give an excuse to leave early. Make sure he doesn't tail you. Don't promise that you'll call or meet again if you think you won't. If he isn't the person you expect him to be, don't despair. Take it as a useful experience.

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