Running Exercise

Running exercise is another one of the leisure and recreational activities that bring about physical, mental and psychological health benefits. Running like walking and jogging are aerobic exercises that will help you stay in shape and keep you fit. Serious runners go for long distance, trail and cross country running because of their passion for it.

There are also many people who are now running to lose weight. If you are one of them who are trying to lose weight by running, you could do a research on intervallic running or find a personal trainer or experienced runner to provide advice, tips and the exercise schedules and routines.


If you are still toying with the idea on whether you should start to take up this exercise as a recreational activity, here are some of the benefits of running exercise that might help you decide.

  1. The act of running involves your legs, feet, arms, heart and lungs. This exercise builds your muscles and strengthens your body resistance. You become more fit and healthy and are your body is able to fend of many ailments and thus improved longevity.

  2. By the age of 50 only about 44% of your teenage lung capacity is opened even if you don't smoke. When you start your running exercise and do it consistently, your lung's blood vessels open up and remain open. This will enable you to feel better and improve your immune system.

  3. Running allows your blood to flow better and you get more oxygen absorption. You will feel more relaxed and this will help you increase your mental creativity.

Here are a few running tips.

  1. Find a running partner to keep you going and motivated. Unless you have a dream of running for a marathon or taking this exercise seriously, you might feel bored and give up.

  2. Vary your running exercise or workouts. Some days run for many miles, other days run just a mile or two but include some sprints or stair climbing. And once in a while run uphill.

  3. Running outdoor is more fun as you get to exercise with friends and enjoy the open air. But at times, the weather and certain conditions like the unavailability of sidewalks and parks won't permit you to do so. In this case running indoor using a treadmill is your next best choice.

  4. Running exercise brings about some potential running injuries like pulled hamstring, shins splints and snapped hip. Choosing the right running shoes is important to avoid such injuries. According to a research, about 56% of the 30 million runners in America have injuries from improper shoe selection.

  5. Doing proper warm up and cool downs stretching is also necessary. Stretching after you complete your run is vital.

  6. To gain the benefits of running, it should be made into a lifelong habit. In the beginning you might just try to run on alternate days. After a month, run five to six days a week.

  7. Check with your physician before you start running and also seek advice on proper eating and food supplements. If you are over 35, have been physically inactive and are overweighed, you do need to seek professional advice.

Do You Have A Tip Or Suggestion To Add To This List?

Do you have a tip or suggestion to add to this list? Share it with us!

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