Road Trip Planning Made Easy

Here's a road trip planning guide if you are thinking of driving to your next travel destination.

Winding your way along the open road sounds romantic, and it can be. However, to get to that fun adventure you will need to do some road trip vacation planning. By putting some effort into planning your road trip, you can rest assured that all of the small details are taken care of so that you can simply relax and have a great time along the highways.

The first thing that you need to decide is where you are going and how you are going to get there. This does not mean that you have to remove all spontaneity from your trip, but you do want to have a general idea of your trips outline. This is in a way a safety precaution because you want to be able to give your loved ones an idea of where you will be traveling just in case you happen to run into a bit of trouble.

Be sure that when you are doing your road trip planning that you factor in break times. Often much of the fun in the trip can be where you decide to stop. Perhaps you want to plan a stop at the Corn Palace in Nebraska or at the 2 story outhouse in Arkansas, or wherever it is that you are heading. Having these pit stops in mind will give you something to look forward to throughout your drive.

Of course, in any road trip vacation planning process you are going to need to give some thought to the vehicle that you'll drive. If you are planning on taking your own car on the trip you are going to need to get it fully checked out and tuned up prior to heading out of town. The last thing that you want is to find yourself stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. You may want to think of renting a car as part of your road trip planning.

You may wonder why, but it begins to make sense the more that you think about it. By renting a car you do not have to worry about anything breaking on the road or putting too many miles on your car. Instead, you simply pay an affordable rental rate and rest assured that you will be taken care of should you run into any car trouble on the road.

In your road trip planning think about whom your companions are going to be. Though it may seem like heading out on your own for an adventure in self discovery would be a great experience, the truth is that it can be somewhat dangerous. Unfortunately, the world that we live in is not as safe as we would like. It is always better to travel with someone else rather than on your own.

If you insist to drive alone on your road trip, always put your personal safety first. Some basic things to avoid are like not picking up hitch hikers, driving in the day and not stopping to help a stalled vehicle. Keep all the emergency numbers such as tow trucks and the highway patrollers just in case you need them.

No road trip vacation planning is complete without a checklist for a road trip and the must-haves or what to bring for the journey. No matter what, you may not want to forget...

  1. Snacks

  2. Extra cash

  3. Cell phone and charger

  4. Blankets and pillows

  5. Road map and a GPS, if you have one

  6. Bottled water

  7. Emergency auto supply kit

  8. First aid kit

  9. Fun reading materials

  10. Camera

  11. CDs

  12. Toiletries and personal hygiene stuff

  13. Your sense of adventure

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