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Retirement advice and tips on saving and retirement planning for single women.

Retirement. It's a word that many people don't even want to think about until it's too late. Vague notions of engaging in a quiet hobby for years on end don't often inspire a person to get on the phone with a financial planner and get retirement advice. Thinking about having enough money saved so that we don't have to work at all is a difficult notion to grasp, especially if we feel we barely have enough to make it while we're working full-time. And it's easy to feel intimidated by all the options available and the choices we'd need to make if we were to actually start planning.

Any set of retirement planning tips should start by telling you that it is never too early to start planning. The earlier you start the less you'll have to save each year to end up with the same amount of, or sometimes even more, money. Especially when you're single, it's easy to take full control of your money. You know exactly how much is coming in and needs to go out, and it's up to you how much is spent where. If you make a plan to save for retirement right now, you'll thank yourself in the future.

It's easy to assume that retirement advice will only encompass money tips and spending strategies for our golden years. But the fact of the matter is that in order for a woman to be ready for the future, she needs to be frugal now. Becoming and remaining debt free is absolutely crucial. The interest gained from retirement accounts will never exceed the interest paid on credit card and student loan debt. If you are saddled with any debt whatsoever, then any retirement planning tips must include becoming debt-free. Once you are free of any outside financial obligations, you can begin to pay yourself.

Now that you are prepared to make a solid action plan, you might want to seek retirement advice from a professional financial planner. They can explain to you all the intricacies and regulations of retirement planning, especially as pertains to your particular employer. Some employers that still offer employer-match retirement programs will cap how much they will match per year. IRAs and Roth IRAs have annual contribution caps. A financial professional can help you sift through all of these rules and determine the safest maximum amount that you should contribute to your retirement accounts.

You will also want to establish a retirement fund monetary goal. How much you will need to retire will depend on various factors, including your current age, your planned retirement age, what annual salary you expect you'll need to live comfortably during your retirement years, and whether or not you plan to take on any part time work for extra money or simply for entertainment after you officially retire. Fortunately, there are many online calculators that you can use to determine this figure, so be sure to make use of them before you finalize a retirement savings strategy.

Today is the best day for any single woman to start planning for her retirement. With the right advice, a little discipline, and a lot of determination, you can be ready to enjoy your retirement years in whatever way you want, whenever you decide you're ready.

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