Easy Relaxation Tips

Relaxation tips for busy single moms finding ways to relax.

A single mother with a job, kids and a home to take care of might find it difficult to schedule some relaxation and personal time. The only quiet time she can find is when the children are asleep. But by this time she has to do the household chores or is too exhausted and weary to do anything else but doze off too.

So to avoid from having emotional issues due to neglect to your personal, emotional and physical well being, you must find things to do for stress relief.

Take exercise breaks.

Physical exercise helps reduces stress. Putting aside about 20 minutes when you get back from work to exercise will make you more energized, feel better afterwards and maintain your weight and fitness level. You'll also find that you can think better and get some insights while you are taking a brisk walk or jogging. You can do it before picking up your kid or on the way to pick him up.

Request for babysitting help.

Grandparents are usually willing to baby sit and entertain their grandkids. Schedule a few hours a fortnight or in a month to allow yourself time for shopping, hanging out with friends or dating and leave your kid with your parents or siblings. Once a week let your kid spends time and bond with his dad. Use this free time to do whatever you want even if it means doing nothing.

Save on cooking time.

Cooking your meals can take up some time. During the weekend, cook a large portion of beef, pasta sauce, soups, etc., apportion and freeze them. The following day reheat it add pasta, rice or noodles and you have a quick meal done. You'll save time on preparation and cooking and you can use it to read.

Add a little extra to your routines.

Turn your bathing time into a relaxing moment. Put on some soothing music, scented candles and relax your body in your bubble bath. Listen to relaxing music, a guided meditation or relaxation CD as you put yourself to sleep.

One simple relaxation tips you can make as a daily practice is to lie still in bed or sit down straight and take a few deep breathings. Deep breathing exercise is one of the most powerful ways to relief stress.

Keep a journal.

Write down what you did, how you felt and your thoughts in your journal. Writing is therapeutic. It allows you to let go and release your stress and bottled emotions. One of the other benefits is that you can review your activities, notice what worked, what didn't and make corrections or repeat successful habits or actions.

Find time to laugh.

Find a reason to have a belly laugh each day. Laughter brings positive emotions and changes your state of mind. Watch a comedy show or movie, read jokes or hang around people who are funny and amusing.

Prepare the night before.

Prepare the necessary things like what clothes to wear the next day, your kid's lunch, backpack, etc before the night is over. When morning comes, you won't have to rush.

Get up earlier.

The last relaxation tips is; get up earlier than your kid and use this quiet moment to meditate, plan your day or have a cup of coffee with a good book to read.

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