Relationships after Divorce

There are many women who jump into relationships after divorce before they have healed from the hurt and anger. They are actually heading for a repeat of past mistakes. If the new relationships don't work out, it's going to be a bigger blow to their ego and they may find it more difficult to cope and move on. Probably one of the reasons why these women can't wait to date again after divorce is because of the need for connection and to deal with the feelings of loneliness and emptiness and for some, to ease their financial challenges.

You may have the desire to remarry but before getting serious with anyone, it's best that you go through the recovery stages and heal from the pains. Get to know yourself and take stock of your present situation. Do a personal evaluation and ask yourself what are your real needs. Put in the effort to rebuild your self esteem, your confidence and self love. Little by little you'll recover and your life will get better. And relationships after divorce will work out when you are ready.

"Try imposing a relationship ban on yourself for six months and get on with getting yourself together. Start with the toughest job of all, which is to accept what's happened." - Christine Webber

The Signs that You are Ready for a Relationship

You have rebuilt your self esteem.

When you no longer feel guilty, like a loser and a failure and that you deserve happiness, you are healed. It's when you know what you want in a relationship and recognize that you don't need other people to make you whole and worthy. It's also when you accept that your previous marriage is really over and it's just part of life experiences.

You find yourself moving on with life again.

You find yourself able to laugh more often and have fun. The mention of your former husband doesn't bother or make you angry like it used to. Your relationships with your family and friends are getting better. You've made new friends and have a good bond with old ones. When you meet men, you don't feel like rushing into a relationship. And if you do commit to a guy, it's because you love him and not because you don't like being single.

Your life is organized.

You feel in control of your life. You realize that you go to work and keep yourself busy because you love your job and your activities and not because you want to avoid feeling lonely or bored. You've developed new interest and enjoy the new challenges. You've found your rhythm and learn how to care for yourself.

You enjoy your aloneness.

You are comfortable with yourself, enjoy being home alone and also spending time sitting in a café every now and then having coffee, surfing or reading some magazines. You don't get bored because there is always something to do and you've learned to do many solo things that don't require a partner.

These are basically some of the indications that you are ready for relationships after divorce. Actually, once you've rebuilt your self esteem, many other positive personal transformations will ensue. It'll show on your face, your manner and your attitude. This is when you'll attract the right kind of people into your life, those who resonate with the inner you.

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