Reasons to Break Up and End a Relationship

The best reasons to break up are when you realize that you no longer love your boyfriend or partner and don't want to be with him anymore. The early sign that it is time to say goodbye and end a relationship is when you start to question yourself. It's when you start wondering what you are doing to yourself and where you are heading in the relationship.

But the "I don't love you anymore" or "I'm not in love with you anymore" doesn't seem to be enough to justify your decision. So you need more concrete reasons because ending a relationship is hard. This is especially if it is a long term relationship, even it's been a bad and unhappy one.

If you are unsure whether you should call it off, take a look at the reasons to end your relationship listed below.

Reasons to break up No. 1 - He is an alcoholic

Do you know why you should end a relationship with an alcoholic? Because when he is drunk, he can't control himself. He will abuse and strike you when he is under the influence of alcohol. And haven't you heard of drunks who got involved in road accidents and got someone killed or injured themselves to the point that they lose a limb or die?

If you have tried to convince him that he needs help but he isn't interested and continues with his binge drinking, it's time to say goodbye. Imagine how your life will turn out if you decide to continue with the relationship and get married.

Reasons to break up No. 2 - He is a pathological liar

What if you are dating a guy who tells you that he is senior executive in a large company, has great wealth and is divorced. The next time he would create a different story or brag about something else. And when you checked his background, you found that he is lying.

That is the behavior of a pathological liar. A pathological liar is someone who is a compulsive and habitual liar and who makes up stories to make him look good. Even if you challenge and confront him, he will not admit that he lied.

Reasons to break up No. 3 - He is a control freak

You waste your life away if you stick to a controlling relationship. He will make all the decisions for you, criticize you and put all the blame on you. He may also show signs of pathological jealousy. It's like he owns you. You can read more about controlling relationships by clicking on the link.

Reasons to break up No. 4 - He is abusive

When he constantly abuses you physically, verbally, emotionally or mentally, you ought to walk off and put an end to the relationship. And please don't say that you can't do it because you love him and he would change. Promises that he won't repeat the behavior won't work unless he is serious about it and seek counseling. You deserve a better life than to tolerate such behavior.

Reasons to break up No. 5 - He is promiscuous

Many women and men are willing to give another chance even after they caught their partners cheating. There's no right or wrong about it. It's a matter of principles and personal values. But what if he is promiscuous? Can you accept that and forget that he is cheating you? Can you love him if there is no trust and respect?

Reasons to break up No. 6 - He's married

If you are dating a married man, that makes you the other woman in someone else's life. Whether it's in the early stage or your relationship or it has been a while, wanting to end your relationship because he is married is one of the best reasons to breakup.

There are various other reasons such as he's not into you anymore, he is a pathological gambler or he is into substance abuse and so on. Since you aren't married yet, it's best that you seriously think about your relationship. It's easier to break up now then later.

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