Pilates Exercises

Health benefits of Pilates exercises.

Being single, not having a date and living alone may sometime make you feel depressed. Working out is one of the ways to occupy your time, help you relax and release the tension and stress. Pilates is a good pick. Unlike Yoga, Pilates involves body movements and motion.

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates in 1920 in England. Mari Winsor modified and improvised the workouts and stretches and created the Winsor Pilates. Many people identify Pilates now with the acronym for proximal integrating latent agile toning exercise system.

The exercises stress upon your breathing, concentration, control, centering, flow and precision. The routines help you improve your flexibility, awareness and core strength. The exercises also enable you to coordinate and balance your body, mind and spirit.

Among the other benefits of Pilates are it helps to really work your muscles and tone your body faster than most exercise routines. It improves your postural problems, builds your strength and alleviates back and spinal pains.

The other good thing about doing Pilates is that it requires you to concentrate on your breathing and your body. This is helpful because it can assist you in changing your mental focus, thus your emotions. Instead of thinking of negative thoughts and feeling sorry for yourself, you will be tuning inwards to coordinate with your breathing and relaxing your muscles.

You can do the exercise in a studio with other participants or right in your own home. If you haven't tried it and want to learn, you can join a class in your neighborhood. Or you can purchase an instructional DVD or download a few video clips on YouTube.

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