The Basic Essentials of Paper Quilling

Paper quilling is nothing more than rolling, shaping, gluing and then decorating strips of paper. This craft has become a fun hobby for many people. There are only a few basic tools you need for quilling that will have you making fun and creative designs in no time at all.

Quilling has been around for hundreds of years, however, it has just recently spiked up in popularity due to the art of scrapbooking. Dated back to the 15th century, this craft began as a way to decorate religious pictures, walls of homes, cribbage boards, vases and fire screens. Nowadays, this craft can be used as far as the imagination will take you. The cost of this hobby is far less expensive than any of the other crafts and is easy to start.

Paper Quilling Ideas

The most basic design in this craft is quilled flowers. These are easy to make and are quite pretty. Quilled flowers seem to be the most commonly created design in paper filigree. However, there are so many different patterns and designs you can come up with other than flowers.

Some ideas are invitations, scrapbook embellishments, thank you cards, small gifts, ornaments and animal creations. You can even come up with lettering for your car. The possibilities are endless once you learn this fun and easy to do craft.

If you are short of ideas, you can find many paper quilling books in craft stores to get some thoughts. The Internet holds a huge array of books, articles and other information on quilling ideas.

Quilling Supplies and Tools

Just as you would find your ideas at your local craft store and the Internet, you will find your quilling supplies and tools from the same source. There are really only four basic supplies needed to get started in this craft.

  1. Quilling Paper Strips - These come in many different colors and widths. The most common width used is 1/8 in. However, you can find them in ¼ in, ½ in and 3/4 in.

  2. Curling Tool - There are a number of items you can use to curl your strips of paper. Such items are a tooth pick, hat pin, a needle quilling tool or a slotted quilling tool.

  3. Glue - You can decide which type of glue you want to use for your paper quilling, however, it is advised that you choose good quality glue.

  4. Scissors - Make sure these are nice and sharp so you can cut your paper.

These four items are great to get you started in quilling. However you will find many other tools that you can use once you become more advanced.

Quilling paper is a time consuming craft, but is truly a great deal of fun, especially when you are coming up with your own designs. Whether you are getting prepared for a wedding, a birthday party or trying to occupy your single life with some kind of activity, quilling is going to fill that need.

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