Packing for a Trip

Packing for a trip becomes easier once you've determined your travel destination, your purpose of travel, the weather of the country you're visiting, your duration of stay and your mode of transportation. If you are traveling by air, you should check and abide by the rules and guidelines set by the TSA or Transportation Security Administration for air travel packing tips.

Find out how many luggages that you are allowed to carry and the weight that is allowed. You have to pay for whatever excess that is allowed. One of the most important things to remember when packing for a trip is to travel as light as you can by bringing only the stuff that you really need.

Packing for a Trip - Travel Packing Tips

What to pack for a vacation? Here's your travel packing checklist. Regardless of where you're going, these are the basic stuff that you should bring along when packing for a trip.

Passport and any other kind of identification

If you are traveling abroad, make sure your passport is valid for at least six months. Check your visa for the number of stay allowed. Bring along any other kind of personal identification just in case you might need it. Remember to make photocopies of them and bring along with you. If you are traveling without the need of a passport or visa, just bring your identification card.

Wallet or purse

Bring a wallet or purse which you can keep in your coat pocket or your carry-on bag. If possible, separate some cash and stash it in your money belt. Separate your passport and traveler's check from your cash. In case you lose your wallet, you still have other options.

Money in the form of cash, traveler's checks and credit cards

Bring along enough cash in the country's currency and some in US and Euro dollars. Most countries accept these currencies. Carry your credit cards and traveler's checks too.

Camera and batteries

Take lots of photos when you travel for keepsakes. Ensure that you have sufficient batteries. If you are using rechargeable batteries, remember to bring the charger.

Cell phone with enough credits, charger, plug converter or phone card

Find out if your cell phone has mobile roaming. But it is cheaper to use a phone card, Skype or email to contact your friends or families back home. If you do use your cell phone, ensure that you have enough credits and bring along your charger.

Toiletries and personal hygiene stuff like tampons and sanitary pads

Before packing for a trip for international travel, check the latest guidelines and rules with the TSA. You are allowed to carry only travel size toiletries of about 3 ounces or less. And you must pack them in a one quart size, about eight inches by seven and a half inches plastic zip top bag.

Remember to bring your toothbrush and travel size toothpaste. If you are planning for a long stay, you can purchase your toiletries when you reach your destination. Remember also to bring your sanitary pads or tampons just in case you need them. And you might also require your cleanser, moisturizer and facial scrub.

Packing clothes for long trip

If you are going for a beach vacation, you will need at least two swimsuits or bikinis. If you are going to a cold and wet destination, pack your long johns, warmers and coat. But wherever you are going, it's good to carry a sweater or jacket. You can use it on the airplane.

Unless you are staying for a few months, what you might need to pack in your suitcase are at least two pair of jeans, a pair of sneakers or sandal, a cotton or rayon dress, a few shirts, blouses, t-shirts and tops that match with your jeans, pajamas, and your undergarments.

What else to pack when going on a trip.

A pair of sunglasses is handy if you are traveling to a warm and sunny country. Limit your accessories to only bangles, studs and necklace. Carry a bottle of mineral water with you on board and if you can, a bottle of water to sprinkle on your face. Inflatable neck pillow is useful if you are taking a long flight. You might also want to bring along a PSP, IPod, book, or crossword puzzle to curb boredom on board.

Some breath mints, snack or protein bars are also practical items to bring along. Pocket tissues, a Pashmina scarf, a notebook or journal and a pen are things that you might want to use too. Pack all these things in your carry-on bag and stuff the small items in your jacket or coat pockets.

If you are on medication, carry them along but find out first with the embassy if you are allowed to bring them or whether you need to have your doctor's letter to show to the authorities.

Packing for a Trip - Tips for Packing a Suitcase

Lay your sweater at the bottom of your suitcase or luggage. Fold your jeans or slacks in half and place them on top of your sweater. Put your socks or stockings in your shoes and put the shoes in a small bag. Fold your tops, pajamas and dress in half and roll them and arrange them neatly in your luggage. Pack all your panties and brassieres together in a plastic bag before you place them on top in your suitcase.

If you are carrying more than one suitcase, divide your clothes equally. In case you lose one of your luggages, you will still have another bag of clothing.

When packing for a trip, avoid making last minute packing. Put aside your clothes and the things that you want to bring along for your travel or vacation at least a month prior to your trip. And before you leave, go through your suitcase and remove those that you don't need. Write your name and address on a piece of card and place them in your suitcase.

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