Overcoming Low Self Esteem

Here are tips and suggestions on overcoming low self esteem and rebuilding your self worth and self respect.

Women who have been dumped by their partners for someone younger, slimmer and more attractive are prone to develop low self esteem. Single moms who are jobless and depend on others for financial assistance will also have low self worth. And some women's self esteem are low because of their single status while some are single because they feel unworthy.

Some of the signs that you have low self esteem are:

Self doubt. - You have self defeating beliefs and have no faith in yourself. You doubt your potentials and capabilities and you don't think you deserve love, happiness and success in life.

Too sensitive and taking things personally. - You take a casual or passing remark by someone as a criticism directed at you.

Having inferiority complex. - If you keep making comparisons and think that everyone else is better than you in every way, you are in need of rebuilding your self esteem. If you only see lack and flaws in yourself, have misplaced humility, put yourself down and apologizing too easily, it shows that you feel unworthy.

Other signs that you lack the feeling of self worth are self sabotage, lack of trust, jealousy, lack of self confidence, feeling fearful, always feeling sorry for yourself, anxious and depressed and have a negative attitude toward life and people.

Tips in Overcoming Low Self Esteem

Enhance your physical appearance.

When you look good, you will feel good and this is one of the ways in overcoming low self esteem. Take a good look at yourself. Where can you improve? Are you overweighed? Decide on the weight that suits you and start exercising and doing workouts. If you can afford it, join a gym and get a personal trainer to help you out. Otherwise, take a brisk walk, jog or cycle daily to lose the excess fat. Include stomach crunches and weight lifting exercises to tone your muscles.

Make an extra effort to look good. Get your hair neatly done, put on some lipstick, blusher or mascara and wear something that makes you feel good about yourself. All these don't cost much but one of the easiest ways in overcoming low self esteem.

Remove self defeating beliefs.

Your beliefs about your limitations were developed through the years. Your self talk and inner critics make your beliefs become stronger. To remove them, you have to interrupt these inner talks and replace them with positive self talks and affirmations.

Make an effort to listen to your inner dialogues, question yourself about what you are hearing and then choose different and positive words. The other way to monitor and become aware of your self talks is to journal your thoughts. Write down all the negative things you say about and to yourself and how you feel about you. Look at the pattern of your thoughts and start to question yourself. Or you can use hypnosis to stop unwanted thoughts.

Focus on your personal growth.

What do you really want to have, do and become? Start writing down a list of short term and long range goals. List down everything and also state the reasons for wanting them. Then do something positive and constructive each day without fail to achieve each of your goals.

If you prefer not to socialize, keep your mind occupied by reading inspirational, motivational and how-to books and listen or watch audio and video programs that will improve your skills and expand your knowledge.

Put aside about half an hour each day to relax your body and mind and learn to visualize. Visualization is a very powerful tool that can help you change your self image. Every day, picture the person you want to become and keep seeing that image.

And when you do socialize, choose people who are upbeat, positive and optimistic. The people you hang around with will influence your thinking. So choose wisely.

Your focus will change from feeling sorry for yourself to feeling excited and energized. As you move on and achieve small successes, your self esteem will improve and so will your self confidence.

Get help from a life coach.

One of the ways in overcoming low self esteem is to seek help and use the services of a life coach. A coach is like a mentor. She will provide an honest assessment, offer advice and suggestions and guide you to take the necessary actions to rebuild your self worth and self respect.

Do You Have A Tip Or Suggestion To Add To This List?

Do you have a tip or suggestion to add to this list? Share it with us!

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