Overcoming Jealousy

Advice and tips on overcoming jealousy and getting rid of the green eyed monster.

Some women have a problem of holding on to a relationship for long. One of the reasons people break up is because of out of control jealousy. Both women and men wouldn't want to have a partner who has this trait because it is suffocating. Jealous people are normally possessive and intrusive because they have lots of doubts.

Of course anyone who is jealous will say that her action is justified. Probably her partner has roving eyes or a history of flings and affairs. Or she has been betrayed before, had her heart broken and could not trust any man after that painful breakup.

Some of the signs of jealousy are:

  1. Creeping around and spying on your partner's movements.

  2. Checking on him too often.

  3. Spying on his calls, text messages and emails.

  4. Rummaging through his personal belongings.

  5. Overly suspicious of his intentions.

  6. Feeling insecure and jealous every time your partner is in the presence of another woman.

  7. Suspicious and consistent fear that your partner will betray you.

  8. Getting upset every time your partner makes a casual remark or greeting to another woman.

If you have these signs, you might have to try and learn how to deal with jealousy.

Work on your self-esteem.

The major reason for jealousy is having a low self-esteem. So the solution in overcoming jealousy is to change the way you see and feel about yourself. Work from within. Start questioning yourself on why you think that you aren't good enough and worthy. Most times, it's some remarks made by someone in your past and you are holding on to that. Affirm to yourself that you are worthy of love. You must learn to love yourself.

Stop comparing.

The reason why you compare yourself to others is because of your insecurity. As long as you think that you aren't attractive and perfect, you are going to feel insecure. Change the image you have in your mind. Look at what you have and what attracted your partner to you.

Learn to control your emotions.

Each time when you start to feel jealous, pause and think. Is your suspicion and doubt justified? Are you overreacting? By the law of attraction, you'll attract the things that you expect to happen. Why waste your emotional energy on something that you aren't certain of and don't want to happen? Think instead of fond and loving thoughts.

Value the relationship.

There is a possibility that your partner might be cheating on you. But what if he is as faithful as you are and want as much to see that the relationship works? And your jealousy is ruining it. Isn't it such a waste? If it does happen, then only take the appropriate action. But while you are involved in a relationship, enjoy and value it.

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