About Online Dating

Online dating is not an actual dating. You don't meet face to face like you do in the real dating world. You communicate with the person on the other end via messages, emails and chatting.

Your understanding of how he looks like is based on his profile photo or video. And you make a supposition of his personality based on his dating profile and the way he interacts with you online.


Internet dating is like a prequalification process. It's the preliminary stage to real dating. You look through the prospects or choices that you have, then you shortlist a candidate and start the ball rolling to get to know him. You do all this without having to meet him and won't do so until you think he qualifies and you ready to meet up.

There are many free online dating services and paid virtual dating sites. It's easier if you are specific in your searches to save your time and feel less overwhelmed. There are huge options and targeted niches like big beautiful women, single parents dating, senior dating and ethnic dating sites.

Cyber dating is easy to join and once you've registered you can create your net dating profile. Fill in the information required like you age, weight, basic likes and dislikes and what you are looking for. Upload your latest photo and if you want to attract more attention and suitors upload a video. Once you're done, you're on and people will come across your profile. You can right away start searching and reading through other people's profiles.

Pros Cons of Online Dating

The Pros and Advantages.

You're relaxed and comfortable.

All you need is a computer, an internet connection and time, which you do have since you are at your own home. You're safe and comfortable and you don't need any kind of preparation. And it's fun and amusing to read and go through the dating profiles that reveal the uniqueness of each individual.

It's faster and easier to find someone.

Although it takes time, it's more practical and less stressful than going out to the bar or attending social functions to look for that someone. In the real world, it isn't easy to "pick and choose." And how would you know that they are actually single and looking. A wedding ring may indicate that they are taken. But outside the western culture, married people don't have to wear their rings.

There are plenty of choices.

Your circle of friends is usually not extensive. They are your coworkers, people you meet in the course of your work, your existing friends and friends of friends in the neighborhood. But other than your colleagues, how often do you meet them especially if you have a very busy work schedule? Online dating allows you to browse through so many profiles and get to connect with anyone you prefer from the comfort of your home.

You have other options.

If the person you emailed doesn't respond, you let him go and go to the next person. And after chatting or messaging a few times, you can cut the connection if you sense that you aren't compatible even before you meet him. There's no embarrassment involved. Until you meet someone face to face, you are "anonymous."

It's affordable.

Even if join a paid net dating site, it's still cheaper and less hassle than going out on a real date to get to know somebody, unless of course you are ready and want to do so.

The Cons or Bad Thing about Internet Dating.

You can get addicted to it.

There are women who are so into chatting, messaging and emailing their "dates" that their time is consumed online and they get frantic if they don't receive any mails.

You have to craft a super online profile.

Your online dating profile is your personal presentation. It will determine the response that you will receive. If you put up something so bland, you will feel frustrated with the lack of response. And because of this, you have to actively search, scan profiles and send requests. This activity is time consuming.

You are taking a little risk.

You can't ascertain that people are telling the truth and are honest. Everyone can write anything on their profiles and claim something that they aren't. You have to trust your intuition and do a "people search" before you decide to meet him.

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