Online Dating Safety

If this is your fist time trying internet dating, here are several online dating safety tips to avoid the internet dating dangers or falling into the internet dating scams.

Online dating has more benefits compared to the risks and hazards. This is one of the reasons why many single women and men choose this option to find a partner. Unlike social networking sites life facebook, myspace and some others, online dating sites are meant specifically for those who are looking for dates or partners. They cater to every niche and what you need to do is just choose and decide upon which one offers what you need.


Online Dating Safety Tips

Do not expose your personal information.

One of the most important and basic online dating safety is to write only your basic information when you register and create your personal profile. Provide a free email account like Yahoo and Google. Do not include your home address, telephone numbers and vehicle registration number. If you have children don't give any information about them. One of the reasons you date online is to keep a certain amount of anonymity until you meet up with your date.

Do not give out your bank account number.

Even after getting to know someone for a few months, do not give your account number. Once your online date asks for it, you better seriously think whether you should continue corresponding with him. No matter what excuse he gives, you shouldn't believe him.

Do not send out any money in whatever form.

The internet dating scams have got some women fooled by convincing them to part with their cash. Don't buy into any sob stories. Once anyone asks you, immediately cut off the communication and do not communicate with him again.

Insist on recent photo.

There have been reported cases of people meeting up face to face finding that the people that turn out for their dates are not the same as their photos or their much younger versions. Another online dating safety tip is to ask for a recent photo. If he doesn't want to show his latest photo, he is trying to hide something.

Choose a reputable online dating service.

Search and look for reviews of online dating services before you join any. Paid services are better because people who pay are serious. And most paid memberships sites do a certain amount of prescreening. Free dating sites have too many members that finding one can make you feel overwhelmed. On top of that anyone can sign up and anyone can be anybody.

Be alert and aware and trust your intuition.

Look for inconsistencies when you interact. Does he say something one day and something else the next? Watch his language. Does he use profanity and obscene language? What kind of questions does he ask you? Is he pushy? If you notice something amiss or isn't right, stop the interaction and move on to the next.

Do a background check before meeting up.

A must follow online dating safety tip is to screen your date before deciding to meet up with him by using background check services if your Google search doesn't provide any information.

The Risks, Hazards and Dangers of Online Dating

You don't get your money worth.

One of the online dating risks is that you might not get what you've paid for because the members of the dating site do not meet up to your standards. When this happens, cancel your membership and join another or look at your expectations. Are you expecting too much? It's advisable that you go through the trial period, which is normally free before committing so that you can gauge what the site is offering.

He might be lying.

Some married men will make a claim that they are singles. Some people put up fake identity, photos, descriptions and interests. This is the main reason for screening and checking your date's background before meeting up.

You might get emotionally attached.

Sometimes after communicating for a few months, you might feel that there is a connection. When you don't receive any message or replies from him, you might feel uneasy and anxious. To avoid this from happening, set your mind in the initial stage and tell yourself that you are going to have fun and won't allow yourself to get any kind of emotional attachment. If he doesn't want to communicate with you any longer, don't try to analyze it. Just move on to the next.

This activity can take up a lot of your time.

If you are too specific and have a very high standard or expectation, you might take a lot of time sifting through the profiles trying to find the right person. And if you focus too much on your online activity and have more contacts than you should, you'll be spending too much time writing, sending and replying messages and neglect other activities.

You have to have some writing skill.

Some people find it easier to talk than to write. But since it is online dating and your means of communication is through writing, having this skill is an advantage. Otherwise, you'll find yourself gazing in front of your computer trying to figure out how to word your thoughts and questions so that he understands and doesn't misinterpret.

So try to remember these basic online dating safety tips to avoid the internet dating dangers and hazards.

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