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Writing an interesting and appealing online dating profile will bring more response and better success in finding a date. Taking the lackadaisical approach doesn't work because you are competing with so many other online personal ads. If yours don't stand out at all, nobody would bother to click on your profile.

If this is your first time trying online dating, you will need some dating profile help. If you've posted your internet dating personals but haven't been getting much success, you might want to consider changing your approach and try these dating profile tips to create more interest.

Tips for Writing a Great Online Dating Profile

Write an interesting header or profile subject.

Write an interesting profile subject; the first impression that people will decide about you. Create something interesting, unique and witty. One of the ways to find out is ask yourself if you would be interested to get to know the person if he were to write what you have written. If you find it so cliché and a bore, others would think so too.

Create your username.

List all the possible usernames that would say something about you and then pick the best. When it comes to creating your username, avoid using your real name.

Provide your basic personal information

Dating websites require that you enter your basic personal information in the fields provided. This information has an influence on your success rate. There are people who lie about their age, weight and height thinking that it doesn't matter since they aren't meeting face to face.

What you shouldn't reveal are your real name, home and office address, telephone number, vehicle registration number and any banking or credit card information.

The purpose of posting your online dating profile is to find a date, get to know each other and meet up once you're ready. Unless you are only fooling around and just want to waste your time, it's best that you are honest when providing your basic information. Otherwise, you'll have a hard time trying to explain yourself when you meet face to face.

Attach your most recent photograph.

A well written online dating profile without a photo might mean, to some people, that you are trying to hide something. These people might like your description but because you didn't attach a photo, will move on to the next.

You must upload your photo to get a response because people want to know how you look like. Appearance matters a lot so attach a photo of you in your best self; pleasantly dressed, smiling and a close up. Avoid putting up a group photo, one where you are with friends or family members.

Describe yourself honestly.

Make a few drafts of how you want to describe yourself before posting your online dating profile. One of the ways to do it is to imagine your date is in front of you and write like you are talking to him. Put yourself in a resourceful state of mind, happy and enthusiastic. Your frame of mind will influence your writing.

What do you want him to know about you? You can make it in about 100 words realistic but attractive description of yourself. Some of the things are like what are your main characteristics, your hobbies, activities and likes. Be creative, interesting, honest, genuine and friendly.

When writing your online dating profile, check your grammar and try to write intelligently but avoid being showy, smug and self centered. What you write shows what type of person you are. Avoid making negative statements, being self critical and writing about your woes.

State the qualities that you are looking for in a man and not something that you don't want. Saying that you don't want any cheaters somehow will reveal that you've gone through such an experience.

If you can't think of what and how to write your online dating profile, browse through other people's dating profiles to get an idea. Notice which personal profiles attract you to get to know a person and which ones don't interest you at all.

If you really don't like to write or have no time, you can use online dating profile templates or outsource someone to write for you. You'll have to pay a fee but you'll save time and the energy of trying to put up a unique and interesting personal ad.

Test and tweak it.

Check the response that you are getting. Give yourself a specific amount of time to test your online dating profile. Tweak it by adding additional information, your latest photo or something new that you would like to share or remove something and see the response and the difference.

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