Old School Flames

Old school flames are the hardest to forget no matter how many times you've fallen in and out of love, or are already in a relationship right now. It might look like you've forgotten about your long lost love but deep down inside, it is somewhere residing in a small corner of your heart. The memories will surface if you were to meet again.

This is regardless of the number of years that you have broken up and separated or the reasons for the break up with your old flame or the one that got away. There is an emotional attachment, most are fond thoughts but there are also some hurt, anger or guilt. It's like something unfinished and until it is dealt with, it's going to stay.

Most married people avoid trying to meet or reconnect with their old loves because it is a dangerous territory to enter. Unless they have developed strong family values, they might fall to the temptations of reuniting with their old love. Single women on the other hand, have another chance to make up, start over and build a new relationship from where they left. But unless he is also single, it isn't advisable.

But can old school flames be friends?

Many people wish they could. They might want to reconnect with the intention to catch up, share each other's progress, to apologize or straighten things up. But most times the emails, text messaging or phone calls which will lead to meeting face to face again, will make them reminisce the good old days, the excitement, the childish love and things they did. And if they continue to meet or communicate, it's like they are back to where they once were. Sometimes, it only takes one meeting to make up again.

Here are a few tips and some advice for those who are single again and looking to reunite with old school flames.

You can search for them on the Internet. Facebook and MySpace are two of the websites that you can do a people search based on the person's name, the school both of you attended and so on. There are also other websites like who remembers me.com, people lookup.com or you can type his name on any browser's search bar.

If you found out that he's married, it's best that you resist the temptation to contact him. You'll put him in a quandary. Otherwise, go ahead and email him.

When you do agree to meet, be prepared mentally and emotionally. He is no longer the person you dated or had a relationship back then. Some women find that the cute looking boys they used to date are now men with pot bellies or have been married more than once. They too might find that you've changed. Try not to feel disappointed.

It's advisable to get to know your old sweetheart again before jumping in bed together on the first meeting even if the passion is still so strong or marrying him soon after. Make it like any other relationships where you talk and learn about each other. You'll be able to discover how much each of you have grown and matured. This is also to avoid finding out later that it's only the burning desire for an old flame that you both are after and that there is no compatibility.

But if you do feel certain about your feeling of love for him and believes that he feels the same, go ahead and do what you think is right for you. It will end your search for a date.

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