Office Romance

Office romance is quite common. Some of these office affairs work out and couples end up together while some don't. When the relationships don't work out and if they happen to work in the same department and building, they'll feel out of place, tension will arise and some people will leave their jobs to avoid having to face their exes.

Some office romances don't last because the relationship started for the wrong reasons. Some people are bored at work and want to divert their attention and get some thrills. It is thrilling especially if you try to keep it a secret. But no matter what, someone always notices your body language, gestures and flirting toward the other person.

If you are a full time employee, you would be spending about eight hours at your workplace for at least five days a week. There is a tendency that you might get attached, fall for someone and start a workplace affair especially if you don't have a social life outside work and not dating anyone.

It is alright to have an office romance if the company you are working has no policy against it, if you are single and he or she is also single. Problems will arise if you start to date a married colleague, your boss or superior and if it is against the company policy.

When you are having an office love affair, you must try to be discreet and not show too much affection or you'll become the center of gossip. You should maintain your work etiquette and avoid neglecting your work and responsibilities when you are having an affair at work.

But before you decide to develop workplace romance, think of the consequences. Ask yourself these questions, "What if the relationship turns sour and does not work out? Can you handle the pressure due to the break up and still focus on your job? Are you willing to take the risk of being alienated and at odds if the issue of rivalry happens among your officemates? "

Think and ponder about all the consequences before dating your coworker and especially if he is your superior or if she's of the same sex. If he or she is married and you sense that you have a crush, move away as far as you can before it develops into an office affair.

If you don't like the idea of office affairs, get a life outside work. Date someone outside your job. You can meet single people if you get out of your house and socialize or try online dating websites to look for a romantic partner or just casual friends.

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