New Relationship Tips For Single Mothers

New relationship tips for single moms when children are involved.

When it comes to new relationships, one of the pressing issues that single moms face is figuring out when is the right time to introduce their new dates to their children. The other concern is how to help their children handle it. And if these single moms are dating divorced men with kids, there are additional anxieties like when to meet their date's children and what to say to them.

These concerns are understandable because children especially the young ones have the fear of being abandoned and hurt. If they have been emotionally affected by the divorce of their parents, it is more difficult for them to accept and trust someone new in their lives.

Some children have the fear of losing you, are possessive of your love and attention and see a new date as a threat. They may secretly hope that their mothers will reunite with their fathers. Some kids might feel grossed out with the thought that their mothers are becoming romantically involved with someone else.

New relationship tips No. 1 - When to tell your children.

The best time is when you have developed some trust and feel that your date is serious. This means that you would already have been out on at least a couple of dates and have learned about this person. When both you and your new partner has discussed that the relationship is exclusive and are willing to commit to each other, it's about the right time to tell.

New relationship tips No. 2 - How to tell your children.

Make it casual. Talk about it when the situation is relaxed, maybe over some afternoon snacks. Remind yourself that you aren't doing it to ask for your children's approval or acceptance, but to openly talk about each other's thoughts, fears and concerns. Allow for an open dialogue and listen to their questions and what they have to say.

New relationship tips No. 3 - What to tell your kids about your new relationship.

Tell them how important they are to you and that your feelings, commitment and love for them won't change at all. It's also good to let them know what you have in mind about your future and theirs. Assure them that you will not emotionally desert them in favor of your new partner.

Let them know that you would like to bring them to for a meeting. Allow them to give their suggestions on where to meet up. Suggest to your children to meet your new man before making any judgments.

New relationship tips No. 4 - When, where and how to introduce your children to your date.

Since you know your children well, inform your date on what to expect of your children. You might also want to briefly tell your kids about your new man, saving all the unnecessary details.

Plan a day outing at a place where the children will fell relaxed, safe and can have a good time. Going out for pizza or a quick round of miniature golf is a good idea to let them get to know each other. Since it is your first introduction, let the first meeting be brief.

New relationship tips No. 5 - After the introduction.

Remember that your children might take some time to accept that their mom is dating someone. Give them time to adjust. Avoid getting your new man to come into your children's life immediately after that. You may cause tension with the children. The feelings of trust need time to grow.

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