Living on Your Own and Alone

How to handle and cope with living on your own. Tips for staying home alone and coping with living alone.

Many independent and career minded single women choose to live alone because they like the privacy and can afford the expenses of living alone. But some women who have lost their spouses through death or divorce, or that their children have left home, may find that it is not a situation they prefer.

According to a survey, one-person households will increase in years to come because women will outlive their spouses and children will leave the nest.

Women who suddenly find themselves living alone may find it difficult to cope and adjust. The fear of being alone, eating alone, feeling alone or even dying alone may be lurking in their minds. The other common concerns are their safety and security and living alone expenses.

There are pros and cons and advantages and disadvantages of living on your own and alone. Some of the advantages of living alone are having plenty of peace, quiet and privacy. And you develop personal responsibility and become independent. You learn to do things and handle many of life's challenges on your own.

Living alone for the first time especially after being with someone for many years isn't going to be easy. It will hurt initially. You will feel lonely, alone and lost. That's normal. But once you learn to live through the phase, adjust and adapt, you will begin to enjoy living on your own.

All the advantages don't mean anything to people who have not made the transition. They may feel lonely, isolated or unloved. They might also feel bored and afraid. Here are some tips on coping with living alone and how to live alone so that you can find happiness and joy.

  1. Humans at any age have a need for social interactions. A person will feel isolated if she cuts herself from connecting with people. So join any society in your neighborhood where you can make friends and communicate with one another regularly. Mix around with your neighbors or you can also do volunteer or community work. Just do anything to keep your social life active and have friends around.

  2. Get a pet. A dog is one of the best choices. It can become your best friend, offer a feeling of protection also provides you a reason to get out of the house more often and socialize. When you own a dog, you have to walk it and you can meet and talk to people. The walk is also good for your health and fitness. If you can't have a dog, a cat or a rabbit will also make a good friend and entertainer.

  3. Sometimes boredom can make you feel lonely. Get a hobby that will keep your mind occupied and make you feel happy. Here are a few suggestions to cure your boredom.

  4. Participate in leisure and recreational activities. There are many activities that you can do alone or in a group.

  5. One of the reasons for the fear of living on your own is not being able to handle your living expenses. So it is best that you have an income to support your single life. If you think that you can't find a job due to your age or health related reasons, one of the ways to earn a living is build a website and work from home. Even if you have a job, it's one of the ways to earn a part time income and also keep you occupied.

  6. Keep in touch with your family members be it your siblings, parents or children. No matter how far away they live, you can communicate via telephone, Skype, emails or instant messaging. Make it a point to meet up regularly. If you keep in constant contact, your family will know if something is amiss.

  7. Invite friends over for brunch, lunch or dinner. Go out and meet friends and family. Just keep the social interactions going.

  8. If you have health problems and living on your own, make sure that your medications are easily accessible and the telephone and emergency contact numbers are nearby. Equip your home with safety in mind. For free home security tips, click on the link.

If you still can't handle it especially the cost of living alone, maybe you may want to consider finding a roommate who will share the living expenses such as rent. If loneliness and the fear of being alone is your major issue, get someone such as a relative or a friend to move in and live with you.

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