Letting Go Of A Relationship

Letting go of a relationship isn't easy. This is especially so when we are so emotionally attached to someone. Most people prefer to live with the known and the familiar even if the relationships were abusive and unhealthy.

Some women fight hard to get their exes back into their lives. Some are filled with so much resentment that they plan and scheme ways to take revenge. Some others cannot move on and make a fresh start because they still grieve and mourn the loss of that someone.


The inability in letting go of a relationship mentally and emotionally is one of the reasons for unhappiness and feeling lost. But why hang on to a memory if it drains your energy and make you feel miserable? When you totally release the past and the source of your sufferings, it will enable you to gain a different perspective about life and relationships and see yourself in a new way.

How To Let Go Of Someone You Love

Accept it.

Accept that he has walked out of your life. It doesn't matter who's right or wrong. You don't have to do a post mortem because you will most likely feel more hurt and angry. Instead think of what's the right thing to do with your life. Think of making the next move, anything that can empower yourself.

Forgive him.

He might have hurt you real bad. But one of the best things you can do to release yourself from the pain is to forgive. When you choose to forgive him, you are doing yourself a favor. Clinging on won't change a thing. Detachment will do it. There is power in forgiveness. When you have set free of that someone whom you love, you will feel uplifted.

Change your focus of attention.

Another one effective method in letting go of a relationship is to change your focus of attention. If you observe your thoughts, you would notice that you've been playing images of the past in your mind over and over again. These old mental picture must go. Otherwise, you'll continue to feel bitter.

Become aware of your thoughts by monitoring your emotions. Whenever you feel some negative related feelings like anger, sadness or resentment, stop what you are doing and immediately think of something more empowering. If you can't think of anything pleasant, then imagine one. Or just become aware of your present moment and find something to feel thankful or grateful.

Expect good things.

The past is gone and regardless of what you do, you can't bring it to the present. Whatever you do and feel today will turn out as your past tomorrow. If you keep feeling bad, it will affect your health and wellbeing. And until you decide to change those thoughts, you will continue to feel and create the same things.

Even if things are not working as you want it to, expect good things to happen. And it's easier to do this once you liberate your mind from feeling unworthy, bitter and hurt.

Until you feel that you are emotionally ready, don't rush into another relationship. A rebound relationship is just a way of filling in the void and loneliness. Some of the signs that you have really release yourself in letting go of a relationship are when you can smile and laugh again, when your ex no longer fill your mind the minute you wake up or before you sleep and you are excited about your life.

Don't feel guilty if the thoughts and memories of him no longer reside in your mind. And don't worry about not being able to meet or fall in love again. You will fall in love one more time as long as you give yourself another chance and leave your baggage behind.

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