Learn How to Dance

One of the ways to make your single life more interesting is to learn how to dance. There are many health benefits of dancing and various types of dances you can choose.

Dancing is one of healthiest, stimulating and energizing exercise and activities that you can get yourself involved in. There are social, psychological and physical benefits of dancing.


According to studies that were done, an hour dancing session can burn between 200 to 500 calories on a 150 lbs individual. But this also depends on your physical fitness and the dance moves. Aerobic dancing is one of those dances that burn the most calories. Dancing also improves your posture, strength and stamina and tones your muscles.

Psychologically, dancing affects your moods and makes you feel good especially if you are really enjoying it. When you are involved in an aerobic activity, your brain triggers the release of endorphins from the pituitary gland. These chemicals bring about the feeling of joy and in control. So if you feel down, so bored and alone at home, put on some music and dance your sorrows away.

If you feel like loosening up and getting out of your bachelorette's pad, just put on your dancing shoes and head to the club, disco or gym to sweat it out. This gives you the opportunity to socialize too.

If you think you have two left feet and can't dance or you want to try a new dance move, then it's time to enroll in a dance class and learn how to dance. There are many different types of dances and dancing styles. Most gyms offer different types of dance lessons and include dancing as one of their structured activities. You can search online to find a dance studio nearest to you. If you prefer to do it on your own, you can purchase dance lessons DVD or learn to dance online.

Here are some of the most popular dances that you can learn.

Belly dance

A little bit of history here. Belly dancing were once usually performed during wedding ceremonies in Turkey. The reason for it, according to a Turkish dancer and author, is to nonverbally communicates to the brides on the exercises or movements to do to enjoy painless childbirth and without stretch marks.

The good thing about belly dance is that you don't need a partner. There are 12 basic moves in belly dancing covering the hip twist to the head slide. Belly dance uses most part of your body but focuses more on your hip and pelvic area. One of the most interesting things about belly dancing apart from the moves is in its costume.

Pole dancing

As the name suggests, you dance using a pole as a prop. Here again, you don't need a dancing partner. There are some negative associations to pole dancing. But the pole dance is now becoming popular and has become a sport because it is a recognized form or either aerobic or anaerobic exercise. The pole dance is a combination of dancing and gymnastics. There are DVDs and classes available if you are interested in this one.

Salsa dance

Salsa is a very interesting Spanish dance. Normally you need a partner to do the salsa but you can learn to do the salsa steps solo. Joining a salsa dance class in one of the ways to not only meet people who are equally interested to learn how to dance, you also get a chance to get a dancing partner, maybe a few.

Click the link to learn to dance the salsa.

There are many other types of dances that you can choose from. Among them are:

  1. Ballroom dancing

  2. Swing dance

  3. Samba dance

  4. Jazz dance

  5. Lap dancing

  6. Modern dance

  7. Folk dance

  8. Disco dance

  9. Tango dance

  10. Line dancing

Once you learn how to dance, you will not feel so alone and uninspired being single and living your single life.

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