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When it comes to taking care of your clothing, it appears that knowing the best laundry tips to use will save you both time and money. No one wants to lose their favorite blouse, shirt, skirt or pair of slacks just because of a simple little laundry mistake, and if you do not understand how to care for your clothes, remove stains and do your laundry cleaning correctly you may end up tossing a lot of your clothing into the garbage.

It's best to start removing stains on your clothes as soon as possible. Waiting until later will give mustard, wine or makeup a chance to set into the material and then most stains are next to impossible to remove regardless of which laundry tips you are using.

Those laundry pens are great items to keep on hand and using them will give you the ability to remove most stains easily. These laundry cleaners work well on fresh stains as well as stains that have been present for a day or longer.

Always pat a stain when it first appears. This method is done so that you absorb as much of the offending product as you can. Rubbing a stain vigorously with a paper towel and a little cold water will usually create a bigger problem. The only time you are to rub a stain on a clothing item is when you are in the laundry room and applying a stain removing cleaner to the garment in question.

Check the laundry instructions for the clothing you are preparing to clean. Do not disregard the fabric instructions because you can ruin the garments. If the label says Dry Clean only, do not toss it in your washer with the rest of the laundry. Take these clothes to the dry cleaners and let the professionals do their job.

Do not mix your colored clothes with the whites when you are sorting laundry. The best household tips for laundry will do you no good at all if you are sorting your clothes incorrectly. If the clothing is color fast the whites will turn dingy and appear dirty instead of spotlessly white as it should.

Beware of unnecessary use of additional bleaching products. While a little plain bleach can help brighten your whites many bleaching additives are actually diminishing the vibrancy of your colored clothing.

Another of the top household laundry tips states that you should always work to remove any clothing stains by turning the garment inside out, when needed, and cleaning the stain from the back instead of the front. Simply press a clean white towel against the front of the stain and use any water or stain removal agent by applying it to the opposite side.

Using these how to do laundry tips should help you become a whiz when it is time to cleaning and washing your clothes. One of the best laundry tips to remember is not to overdo the washing. Remember that each time you launder an item you are removing color and weakening the fabric, and with repeated heavy washings in a short period of time your clothes are going to look drab and bedraggled very quickly.

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